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Most of us drive some sort of vehicle every day. While driving or operating a forklift truck there are also some basic safety practices that are crucial to know. We must practice these precautions every time we drive or operate a forklift truck.

1.    Operators must be qualified:

A person who is hired to drive or operate the forklift truck must be trained or certified to do so. They must possess a valid license that allows them to handle it.

2.    Proper Clothing should be worn:

The person operating the forklift truck or driving it must be dressed up in proper gear, for instance, hard hats for safety, safety shoes and hi-visibility jackets. Loose clothing must be avoided as it might get stuck in some machinery part. Similarly, if a worker’s hands are oily or greasy, they must not use any equipment.

3.    Examining all equipment before use:

It should be a routine practice to check all equipment before driving the forklift. Some areas of special focus are brakes, gears, steering, controls, warning devices, and tires. The forklift truck should never be used if some parts need repairing or are visibly damaged.

4.    Observe the surrounding environment:

The operator must pay very close attention to the surroundings while operating forklift. Drive equipment only on designated roads. Similarly, the height of the load must be taken into account while entering or exiting buildings. Moreover, utmost care must be taken while working near an edge or a loading dock lest the forklift falls over the edge.

5.    Following the speed limit:

The speed limit must always be followed. Special care must be taken and the vehicle slowed down while taking the turns and while passing through narrow alleyways.

6.    Avoiding Hazards:

The operator or driver must be very careful while working on slippery or uneven roads with bumps. Horns must be blared when turning a sharp corner or closing in on the entrances and exits of buildings. A safe distance from other trucks must always be maintained.

7.    Ensuring that the load is stable:

This should be a top priority. Check the loads before leaving. The load must be tilted backward for maximum safety and the front park of forklift kept clear. The loads that are not safe or stable should not be lifted.

8.    Checking for clear visibility:

Operators must operate the forklift in reverse for clearer visibility and forward while climbing a ramp. If you find that the visibility is not clear do not drive or take the help of a lookout worker to guide you.

9.    Keeping clear of the mast:

The operators must not allow any person to stand or walk under the load or forklift machinery as the load can fall anytime resulting in severe injuries or death in certain cases.

10.  Driving on-ramps:

Extreme care must be taken while driving on-ramps. When driving up a ramp, move in the forward direction and in reverse when driving down. Never load or unload when parked upon a ramp.

These safety precautions will keep you and your operator as well as the crew safe and sound while operating a truck forklifts If you are searching for used Moffet trucks for sale, you can contact us for further assistance.