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The flatbed truck is the truck that every logistics company turns to when it needs something transported that just won’t fit in a container. The versatility of the flatbed pickup truck is in its simple design.  A flat load carrying area that has no sides. You can practically put anything on there and have it tied down. Although preference is given to specialized trucks these days, yet the heavy load-carrying capacity of the flatbed cannot be overlooked. From heavy construction equipment to military or civilian vehicles. Even NASA realizes a flatbed’s importance when rocket parts are transported via a stretch flatbed. Having praised this type of rig let us look at three ways its effectiveness can be increased.

1.      Used is the Way to Go

Yes, you read that right. A lot of people might say that a new truck has a lower maintenance cost and will last a bit longer. We will let you in on a little secret, a refurbished or a used flatbed can offer almost the same life minus the high initial cost. Logistic startups as well as small businesses realize this and save money in the process by getting used rigs. The trick is to buy from a trustworthy and experienced dealership that has a complete sales, service and parts department. Even with the slightly higher maintenance cost, a good used truck will save you money as compared to a new rig. So, check out a flatbed truck for sale at Truck forklifts.

2.      Adding a Step Deck

Flatbed trailers come in a variety of decks, if you change your flatbed to a step-deck flatbed then it will add even more versatility to your rig. As mentioned, heavy construction equipment is usually transported using flat decks, yet there can be problems when the height of the equipment makes it difficult to transport. Making the flatbed deeper or using a step-deck will give you that extra precious depth. It will make the difference in you carrying tall cargo or having to refuse it.

3.      Add a Piggyback Forklift

A piggyback forklift as the name suggests is a Moffett that through an attachment kit is carried along on a truck. It has its best use with a flatbed trailer as it complements the cargo-carrying function of the truck. It is invaluable for places that do not have a loading ramp or forklifts to place the cargo on the rig. The attached piggyback forklift can then be used in these cases, which given the current COVID-19 situation are occurring more often than not. The ability to carry around a forklift allows for striking better deals with companies or businesses who do not own forklifts and usually rent them. So, you can either get a forklift attachment kit installed or search out and purchase a flatbed trailer with Moffett for sale.


About Truck forklifts

Having been in the truck dealership business since 1972, we have a large variety of flatbed trucks, pickups and tandems. Besides sales of new and used trucks and portable forklifts, we offer service and parts. We also offer all types of modifications as well as installation of Moffett kits on trucks. Although we are situated in Tuscaloosa Alabama, we can deliver any truck or forklift in our inventory to your location anywhere in the continental US. If you would like more information about us and our dealership, please click here. If you would like to speak to one of our representatives, please call us at (205) 224-9949.