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5 Things To Consider Before Buying a Moffett Forklift

Are you thinking about purchasing inventory management equipment? You can use a Moffett forklift as a solution. As a significant financial commitment, several factors must be considered. Pricing is the most important factor to consider when making a purchase. A used truck-mounted Moffett forklift for sale is your best bet if you have a limited budget and need to move merchandise rapidly.

When you buy a pre-owned Moffett forklift, you save money on a powerful 2- or 4-way workhorse. Now, many people are reluctant because they are apprehensive about their reliability. With dealers like Truck Forklifts, there's no need to worry about these issues. Using refurbished forklifts can save you money in this article.

Let's get into it, shall we?

What Are Truck-Mounted Moffett Forklifts?

The standard forklift cannot be linked to the rear of a truck like this forklift can, making it far more portable. You can use this tool to move forklifts from one area to another or from one part of your inventory.

There is no need to compromise on usefulness, safety, or ergonomics when using this system. There are many advantages to a forklift in a smaller package. Its innovative construction sets the Moffett forklift apart from competitors, making it faster and more durable. Moffett fork truck models include the M2, M3, M5, and M8/M9 rough terrain types, all of which are lighter and more adaptable than their more rugged counterparts.

Buying a Forklift: 5 Things to Consider 

To pick the greatest used Moffett forklift for your needs, you need to know the answers to these questions:

Conduct a Damage Check

It's normal for a used machine to have some wear and tear. It's quite unlikely that the performance of a reconditioned engine in your inventory will be adversely affected by tiny scratches and dings.

However, significant damage can be an early warning indicator of operational flaws. You may need additional repairs or parts before safely using a forklift if it has bent or cracked parts, significant dents, worn prongs, or rust. Look for holes and gaps in the lift chain's links.

A machine's quality or safety shouldn't have to be compromised to save money. If a secondhand forklift has too much damage, it's best to move on to the next one.

Consider Depreciation 

Inquire about the forklift's age. Are there any further years of safe operation until it's too old? Is it still too new to save much money by buying a used forklift?

Avoid purchasing a forklift that is too old or too new when purchasing a pre-owned one. Forklifts over a decade old won't be useful for long unless they are regularly maintained. A lift less than five years old will not be significantly less expensive than a brand-new machine.

Take the easy way out and wait till you've got it exactly right.  Consider purchasing a secondhand lift that has a long life before it begins to show its age.

Check the Engine

Perform a visual examination of the motor. Check for cracks in hoses and loose belts, and make sure the transmission and engine oil is full.

Go ahead, put the forklift into action, and give it a test run. During a test drive, the engine should start immediately up, and the machine should operate smoothly.

Perform A Thorough Tire Inspection

Some used forklifts are sold with worn-out tires, indicating poor pre-sale care. While worn tires will show some symptoms of wear, keep an eye out for more serious issues like low tread or chunky lug nut construction.

Forklifts can be dangerous if their tires are worn down to the point that they are no longer safe to operate. Blowouts are common when a tire has chunks missing from it. If you can't afford a new set of tires for a secondhand forklift, don't buy one with a bad pair of tires.

Check the Usage Hours

If you're looking for a used forklift, inquire about the forklift's usage hours. It's possible that a five-year-old machine with many hours of use isn't a better investment than an older machine with fewer hours of use.

As soon as an operator turns on their forklift, the machine's clock begins counting down. It is possible to get a more precise idea of how much time a forklift has been in use by looking at its usage log.

A forklift's parts degrade over time due to use. Ensure the unit is not overworked to avoid costly repairs after purchasing the lift.

Buy the Best Used Moffett Forklift!

Choose the best-used Moffett forklift to save money, not just any forklift. If a pre-owned machine works well and doesn't require a lot of costly maintenance right away, the savings are worth it.

Used flatbed trucks or piggyback trucks are also good options for exploring the secondhand realm.


Should I buy a used forklift?

Buying a used forklift is an excellent choice if you just intend to use it for four hours a day or less. Make sure the equipment you're considering is in good working order if you want to use it for a long time.

Where are Moffett forklifts made?

In the truck-mounted forklift area, Moffett claims a 60% global market share and manufactures its forklifts in facilities in Ireland and the Netherlands.