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Regular maintenance and parts servicing are vital and imperative to keep your forklift running well. If you are using a forklift on daily basis in your business and want to get the most out of your investment, the best advice would be to keep your machine healthy and running well with timely maintenance and repair schedule. If you own a well-maintained machine, it can provide you with years of reliable and safe services. On the contrary, if you are neglecting your machine you are not only putting your operators at a risk of an accident, you might require a replacement of your machine sooner than later. Here are a few preventative maintenance tips to help keep your forklift give you years of excellent services.

Inspecting Your Machine Daily:

The inspection of your machine should be something you must do every day at the beginning of each shift. This maintenance check will save you grief in the future. It is also an OSHA requirement and a good way to identify and resolve potential problems and nip them in the bud. You can go about inspecting your machine by using a standard checklist in order to make sure that all areas of concern are identified before you put your machine to work. Some recommended elements for this list could go on like this:

-Leaky hoses.

-Tire breaks and pressure.

-Seat belt Function.

-Level of different Fluids.

-Brake performance.

-Forks and overhead guards.

Follow Manufacturer’s Recommended Schedule:

Whether you have purchased a new forklift for your business or bought a secondhand one, following the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for maintenance of your machine will help you to avoid bigger and unexpected problems that could cost you time, money or could be a hazard to the safety of your operating staff. Most of the manufacturers recommend an in-depth inspection or maintenance of the machine to take place after a certain amount of service by the machine. For instance, oil changes every three months if your machine has completed a certain amount of service hours, such as 250 hours of use, 500 hours of use or 1000 hours of use.

Keeping an Eye on The Tires:

If a forklift is in regular use, the tires can wear out quickly. Most of the forklifts run on a regular course on a daily basis inside the warehouse and this can cause the tires to wear out on one side a bit more than the other. Tires can lose their tread, spring leaks in their surface or deflate. In order to avoid any accidents, make the thorough checking of tires a regular maintenance practice.

Cleaning Your Forklift Daily:

Cleaning your forklift daily is highly recommended. It will increase the aesthetic appeal of your machine as well as prevent a build-up of any combustible material as lint on your machine that in turn will prevent blocking of radiators and other issues that might hinder the operating of a forklift.

If you wish to maintain a regular maintenance and service schedule for your forklift truck, contact Truck Forklifts and let our courteous and professional services department staff handle everything for you!