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Named after the company that manufactured it, the Moffett Mounty has become a famous and leading brand in the market, which offers the best quality Moffett mounted lift trucks. Thanks to its flexibility, versatility, and the durability, as well as the ease of its operation and its ability to carry on with heavy lifting activities within a few minutes. Keep in mind that investing in a Moffett Mounty means it will serve a wide range of occupations and industries.   

From handling lifting jobs on a small chicken farm to a large lumber yard, they offer the best designs that help to maximize its performance and efficiency. What actually makes them unique is that drivers can drive them even on the roughest type of terrain without any risks of hitches.

The Moffett Mounty Truck Types and Their Uses

Keep in mind that a Moffett truck is highly versatile equipment that blends smoothly in a wide range of areas, including urban developments, paved roadways, to the best loading docks, and construction sites to other areas that have extremely rough terrains. Each model of the Moffett truck comes with different specs and sizes, making it a lot easier for you to choose one for your warehouse operations.

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the best one.

Moffett M45

Perfect for urban-based use, the Moffett M45 is one of the first ever specialists of its kind. On diesel, the engine is quite silent, and it is an environmentally friendly machine. When you choose one of us, you will also learn that it features the best lift capacity that is about 4,500lbs. This machinery can maneuver around narrow curves and confined spaces easily in an efficient and effective manner. It allows swift loading and unloading of goods without the need for additional devices or workforce.

Moffett’s for Rough Terrains

Forklifts in this series are a lot like the workhorse, regardless of the terrain, the offer optimal performance and come in unique designs. Regardless of the weather condition, they offer a lift capacity of about 7,700lbs and a 4-way mode to allow easy navigation through the most cluttered work area.

Moffett Mounty M5500

This forklift packs a massive punch all into a small package, which is quite deceiving. It makes a valuable asset, making it easier to handle various deliveries all in a short time. Agile an equipment, it helps in handling a good number deliveries all in a short time. It serves a diverse range of commercial and industrial applications, from precision delivering to maneuvering the vehicle to different areas that are within access points. It has a powerful engine, and safely transverse on different terrains, from smooth to rough roads. The load capacity of this equipment is about 5,500lbs to about 2,500kg. You can be sure that it will serve your warehouse needs effectively.

The Moffett brand is renowned for maneuverability, versatility, and accessibility. These three features combined together bring sleek designs and power, making it the perfect vehicle that fits into your business model.

At Moffett truck, we have the best quality used and new forklifts for various uses in your business. For further information on the models and makes, get in touch with us today!