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Similar to investing in a car or any other vehicle, when you have a forklift, you have to make sure that each component functions well. Proper functioning of parts is important because it guarantees safe operations and easy maneuvering of forklifts. In terms of smooth operations, a component that most operators ignore is the forklift lights. These are highly important for several reasons, but the main reason is, they offer workplace safety, better visibility, and efficiency in a warehouse.

When customers visit us at Truck Forklifts, they find it quite confusing to choose from the outstanding fleet of used forklift trucks for sale we have here. However, when they consult us, we often guide them to watch out for the important elements or parts of the forklift. They need to ensure that it works well at all times. We always emphasize on how crucial lights are for lift trucks.

Here, we would like to guide you more on the best types of lights for forklifts.

Sealed Beam Lamps

Beam lights are also popular with LEDs and they serve various applications. However, their most preferred role is as headlamps for forklifts. They are fragile, simple, and affordable choice compared to other lighting solutions. However, they have a low lifespan and suitable for indoor operating forklifts only.


LED Lights

Compared to the other options in lights, the most popular ones are LEDs for forklifts. What makes them ideal is their longer functioning. They are durable and last for a long duration, giving out about 1,000 lumens of light. If your forklift truck has these lights, consider it a worthwhile investment.

Halogen Lights for Forklifts

These are similar to the headlights of any other car. Compared to sealed beams, they project a stronger intensity of light. Installing them is easy and require simple adjustments only. Since they are small, handling them is also a fragile task and they require proper care when installing.

Let’s Consider Their Importance

In forklifts, lights are equally as important as they are in other vehicles. What makes them so important is the fact that they offer visibility and safety when maneuvering the machinery. Most operators have this belief that operators run slow at a low speed of 7mph. With low speed, they think there isn’t any need for the lights. However, as an operator spending most of your time handling equipment in a warehouse, you will know this is wrong.

When handling the equipment, because of the surrounding noises, some workers end up wearing headphones. At such times, they trust what they see around them. Forklift lights allow operators to handle the equipment even at night. The lights keep their vision clear and alert about the nearby pedestrians. Front lights allow a clear view of obstacles ahead and identifying a load. Without proper visibility, it would be a challenge to operate the vehicle.

At Truck Forklifts, we are here to guide you further on the quality of these lights. We will give you the right advice on the best one you should choose for your truck. Visit us now!