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Bobby Park is one of the most popular companies since 1972 that is well-known for selling reliable pre-owned trucks, forklifts, and spare parts. This company's primary goal is to provide used trucks and forklifts to different people and companies in America as an alternative to costly new ones. Doing this business, we understand our customer's need for transportation and trucking of heavy-weight goods; for this, we offer a range of used trailers, heavy-duty trucks,  Moffett forklifts. All of the vehicles are in working condition that makes them usable in the trucking industry. They are mostly in good condition and can easily withstand the wear and tear of uneven and rough roads. Our vehicles' roadworthy condition and their competitive rates in the market make us stand out among all other truck dealership companies. Although our company is situated in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, we can deliver our trucks to our clients anywhere in the continental United States. Furthermore, we offer a complete guarantee on all of our trustworthy products and services. You can search easily through our Moffett inventory to get the full details; you can also get information regarding the many services we offer.

Piggyback Forklift for Sale

In the transportation industry today, two of the most common forklifts are conventional and advanced Piggyback forklifts. Both of them are employed to load and unload heavy-weight goods from one place to the other. Although their working principle is somewhat different from each other, their purpose of working is the same; they are used to lift heavy items and transport them short distances. However, Moffett has an added advantage; it can be attached to a truck or trailer. As they both complement cargo-carrying features, they offer striking deals to several loading and construction companies. The professionals at Bobby Park are experts in installing Moffet kits on trucks and trailers. Once the kit has been installed, the piggyback forklifts for sale can be easily mounted and dismounted from the vehicle

Moffett Forklift Capacity

Many people ask us about the capacity of Moffett forklifts so that they can buy the right forklift. However, that all depends on the amount of load that needs to be transported from one place to another. Our professionals can assist you with getting the right forklift dependent on your load needs. Our experts can also help by lengthening or shortening the wheelbase and loadspace for you, increasing or decreasing Moffett forklift capacity. Besides that, they can also replace or repair your truck and trailer bodies for you. Moreover, some of the forklifts use hydraulic stabilizers that act as a pivot for providing you with extra stability. In this way, large-sized goods are loaded and unloaded efficiently with Moffett/ Piggyback forklift operators' help.


If you need a forklift or truck, our dealership is the place to buy them in good condition. We also provide a complete range of spare parts. If you need any customization or modification done on your rig, our experts can do that for you according to your requirement. Visit our website or come on over to our dealership, whichever is more comfortable for you and see and feel the difference.