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Your Forklift served you for the estimated 10000 hours that are mostly deemed as the service span of this kind of vehicle. Now you have reached a point where your existing truck forklift needs to be replaced. For a single shift operation with an 8 hours workday, the run time of an average used truck forklift is estimated at 200 hours per year. Sadly, your faithful vehicle has done the service and its about time you begin looking for replacement options. Confused about how you should go about it? Well, we got you covered!

Here are some of the most important questions you should be asking before making the purchase which could save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in the long run!



Critically analyze current operation hours:

  •          Was there any change recently in operating hours? Perhaps the forklift working hours have increased? Or maybe they have decreased? This factor is of utmost importance while making a new purchase.
  •          Are you and your company planning any sort of business expansion?

-What sort of expansion is being planned?

-When is it going to take place?

-What might be the outcomes of expanding in terms of equipment requirements?

-Where will you be expanding?

Access the current equipment in use:

  •          Is the current brand of equipment in use by your company meeting all your needs?
  •          What is the reputation of the brand you are using? Is it trending or is its quality declining?
  •          Think about your current operations and then evaluate your future operations. Will the fleet mix and quantity suffice for the current and especially future use?
  •          Now its time to get quotations from different suppliers.
  •          Compare the features and benefits of different models and brands. Make a contrast and find out the best option for you.
  •          The most important step is to analyze each supplier's ability to maintain the brand and provide to notch after-sale services.
  •          Check all the contractual obligations of each supplier to reach a conclusion.

Choose a supplier:

Negotiate and reach a Decision:

Now is the time to put those fine negotiation skills of yours to test! Try to make the best decision well suited to you and your company’s requirements and keep service/equipment combination in mind.

Additional Questions you should be asking before the purchase!

Here are a few more questions you should be taking into account before making the big purchase.

  1.        What kind of environment will the forklift be used in? whether the warehouse is indoors or working outdoors?
  2.        Every forklift has a maximum weight limit that it's designed to lift. What will be the weight your forklift will be lifting?
  3.        How many hours a week will the forklift be used?
  4.        Take the height factor into consideration as well. How high would your forklift be required to lift?

Here we go. Almost everything is covered now or seems to be. If you have any more queries you can ask Truck Forklifts. Their experts will help you to make the right choice of equipment for your facility.