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Forklifts are now among the most useful pieces of equipment in the modern industrial setup. Loading, unloading, and moving shipments have become more effortless since the introduction of these machines. Moffett forklifts can be considered the most valuable among the lot because of their toughness and ability to operate in all terrains and conditions. However, certain myths and misconceptions surround them. For example, some people believe that these machines have irreparable problems when they break and that buying a used one is always wrong. This blog will discuss some of those myths to clear your mind of them. 

Myths About Moffett Forklifts 

There is a long list of misconceptions about these truck-mounted forklifts. You need to read them carefully so that you don’t fall for any misinformation and make a wrong decision. We will discuss and bust some of them here. They’re all explained below. 

They Break More Often 

Many people believe that Moffett breaks more often and is not reliable at all. However, the truth is that it is made to operate in harsh conditions, so the manufacturers make sure the machine is rugged and robust to handle all the workload and the circumstances in which it works. There have been very few instances where these machines have broken, and one significant reason has been the age of those models. 

Several dealers are offering used flatbed trucks for sale; however, Truck Forklift can be a reliable choice if you want equipment that runs tirelessly and doesn’t break. 

They Have Irreparable Problems

These machines may indeed have issues because they have to work in harsh conditions where others can barely operate, but it’s false that their issues are irreparable. These tools don’t have any complex machinery that makes problems even complicated. Any mechanic with a license and a little bit of experience can resolve any issue with this forklift. So, there is no such thing as irreparable problems with these machines. 

Used Machine Means it is Subpar

It is entirely unwise to believe that used machinery is below par. The truth is that there are countless used forklifts in the market that work perfectly well, as good as brand-new ones. All you need to do is scrutinize the machines before buying them and take care of minor issues to make sure they’re new again. It is somehow true that there is defective equipment for sale in the market, but most are in perfect working condition. 

Use In-house Maintenance Crew to Repair the Machines

While it is true that the problem a Moffett forklift may have isn’t a complex one because its machinery isn’t so complicated, you can’t ask your company maintenance department to look after all the issues of the equipment. It is a myth that an in-house maintenance crew can handle all the problems. That may worsen the complication even more. If you have a licensed and highly experienced mechanic in your company, you can only rely on them to repair all the issues. 

These are some of the common myths that people believe. Get in touch with an expert dealer like Truck Forklift to find answers to your concerns instead of thinking about what everyone has to say.

We have compiled a list of some questions that customers commonly ask about the topic. So we suggest you keep reading to get some additional information. 


Can I drive a forklift on private land?

There is no restriction to drive and operate a Moffett forklift on private property without having a license. It should be made clear that the general public doesn’t have access to that property, and not many people are there when you drive it. 

What is the blue light on a forklift for?

The blue light on a Moffett forklift alerts the pedestrians that a lifter is nearby and is approaching. The light turned on any side of the forklift is an indication that people need to keep clear of that side. 

What is forklift safety?

The essential Moffett forklift safety is to ensure that both the forks are well under the load you intend to lift. Also, ensure that it is balanced accurately on the forks and doesn’t lean toward any side.