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Flatbed trucks with forklifts mounted on them can be used for almost any purpose in the construction, manufacturing, and transportation industries. They have proved to be one of the most useful ones among industrial machinery. Moffett forklifts assist transporters in loading and unloading objects of almost any type, shape, and size. The best advantage they offer is that you don’t have to wait for any other forklift to load or unload the shipment or cargo you transport. As the role of a Moffett forklift is clear, this blog will discuss some industries where this machinery is used and the objects they have to deal with. 

The Most Common Uses of Moffett Forklift

If we have to sum up all the uses and benefits of this industrial machine in one phrase, it loads and unloads vast amounts of weight, as mentioned earlier. Below, we have discussed the types of items these big and robust forklifts have to carry. 

Baled Tires

Piled-up old and used tires are a significant pollutant and a danger to the environment. They cause hazardous fires to break out and provide a suitable breeding ground for dangerous insects like mosquitoes. The tire bales created to prevent all these events are transported through flatbed trucks. And the equipment used to load these piles is the truck-mounted forklift because the bales are so big for a standard machine to lift them.

If you belong to an industry that deals with similar types of transportation, we suggest you buy used flatbed trucks for sale in the market because they can also work as efficiently as new ones if properly maintained. 

Heavy Equipment

Heavy industrial and construction machinery and equipment need transportation from one place to another from time to time. There is no other suitable option to transport this type of equipment than flatbed trucks, and if a vehicle of this type is mounted with a heavy-duty forklift, it may prove to be the best machinery needed for this transportation. These lifters can lift up to 4 tons of weight. The length and width these trucks offer make it easy for the lifters to load and unload heavy industrial, construction, and transportation equipment. 

Building Material

Building materials are of different shapes and sizes, and it isn’t always easy to move all of them from one place to another. Large steel beams, rods, and concrete can either be lifted through cranes or bigger industrial forklifts. As these materials are mainly transported through flatbed trucks, it is easier for heavy-duty lifters to load and unload those items, making Moffett the second most suitable option for this purpose after cranes. 

Scrap Metal

The scrap materials mostly have odd shapes, and it is not easy to load them inside a dump truck. You either need a crane or a non-standard lifter to load or unload scrap metals like the building material. As these materials have odd shapes, they don’t fit inside dumpers, and a truck with a completely flat bed is needed. Whenever a construction company or a bigger manufacturer needs to move their scrap, they use Moffett forklifts because they can manage that much of workload easily. 

These are some of the areas where Moffett is useful. Explore our website to get more knowledge about the topic. Several automobile dealers like Truck Forklifts have trucks with forklifts mounted on them. Get in touch with them to explore your options. 

We have created a small list of questions that customers ask frequently. We suggest you keep reading below as the answers to these questions may provide you with some additional information. 


What does Moffett driver mean?

A Moffett driver is both the operator of the Moffett forklift and the driver of the flatbed truck used for transportation. They have to take a specialized course to get a license that is valid for five years. 

How high can a Moffett lift?

As Moffett forklifts are made to lift bigger and heavier items, they’re not designed to lift too high. A Moffett can usually lift as high as ten feet. 

How much does a Moffett forklift weight?

Moffett forklifts are bigger than standard lifters used in warehouses and factories. So, they weigh more than the smaller ones, and an unladen one is nearly three tons.