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Do you own a Moffett forklift or are planning to purchase one sooner? In any case, you need to have complete in-depth knowledge of the different factors that affect the longevity of your forklift. When is the right time to retire your forklift? This is also a question of great importance waiting too long to replace an old forklift rather than timing it just right is definitely going to cost you money.

You cannot devise a magic formula to calculate the exact moment in time when you should just retire your old forklift and trade it for a new machine, but there are a few considerations and signs that can help you make a sensible decision in this regard.

Functional Life of a Forklift:

The functional life of a forklift could be measured by the rugged and rusted pieces of machinery, as well as durable machinery in it. If you are thinking that your old forklift is still chugging along well doesn’t mean that it’s giving you cost-effective performance on the job as well! If you have been using your Moffett forklift for a while now, the need for repairs might have become more frequent now and the overall cost of maintenance might have outweighed the value being provided by the forklift.

If you think that you need your forklift to be overhauled or are thinking of retiring your old forklift, you can contact Truck Forklifts for excellent deals in used forklifts for sale.

How old is Your Forklift:

Another factor that needs to be taken into account while thinking of the longevity of Moffett Forklifts is their age or the number of years of active service served by your forklift. In the case of forklifts, the most important factor is the mileage or the hours of operation. The economic life of a forklift depends upon how long has it been in use? How it’s been used and how well maintained it is. Every Moffett forklift owner must keep a close eye on it and keep anticipating and calculating the time when it needs replacement eventually. The best estimate can be when the time meter reaches 10000 hours! Sometimes proper care and timely repair and maintenance can give your forklift extra hours.

The intensity of Usage and Environment:

It’s natural that a forklift that is being put to use 2000 or more hours manually will wear and tear very quickly as compared to the one that serves 800-1000 hours per year in active service. All forklifts are made to lift heavy loads, but if a forklift is continually lifting heavy loads to certain degrees of heights, you can expect the machinery to wear and tear pretty much earlier.

The environment also plays a big role in the longevity of a Moffett Forklift. There are forklifts that are mostly operating indoors in clean environments that last long vs. the ones that are operating outdoors which make them exposed to harsh weather and other factors like dust, water, corrosive chemicals, etc.  and that in turn will naturally cause their life expectancy to decrease.