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Before we start the article, do you know what a moffett is? Honestly, when I first heard it, I thought it was a person and Moffett was their name. However, to my surprise, I found out that, in actuality, it is a type of forklift. A Moffett Forklift picks up heavy loads, transports them from one place to another like a regular forklift.

Although its function is the same as that of a regular forklift, its general principle of working and carrying the load is different. In this article, we will look at, in detail, how a Moffett forklift is better than a regular forklift.  

Ye Old Regular Forklift         

A regular forklift is a seesaw with a motor for all intents and purposes. It has, on one end, the forks that are used to carry the load and, on the other end, is the counterweight to make sure that the forklift doesn't topple over along with the driver. The main body structure or frame of the machine includes the driver's seat and the control panel. In this area, there are buttons and handles from where a regular forklift is operated. This area can be referred to as the forklift's pivot. The amount of weight that a regular forklift can pick up depends upon the engine capacity and the counterweight.

On the other hand

1:- Le Advanced Moffet Forklift

A Moffett forklift is the next generation of the regular forklift. It is much lighter than the regular forklift as it carries loads using hydraulic stabilizers rather than a counterweight. The lack of counterweight makes it very simple to operate, safer and easier to be carried around.

It has horizontally moveable forks that make it more compact and allow for easy transportation. With the help of a particular kit, this Moffett forklift can also be attached to a regular truck as a portable load-lifting machine.

2:- Flatbed Trucks

A flatbed pickup truck and its big brother, the flatbed truck, are said to be one of the most versatile cargo-carrying vehicles in the logistics business. This truck has a large and wide bed on its back and is without any roof and sidewalls. It can carry a multitude of over-sized cargo and is most commonly used to carry heavy items that are not uniform in shape and require more space. That includes things like timber, military equipment, large pipes, heavy pieces of machinery, rocket parts, among many others.

Bobby Park and Truck Equipment's flatbed trucks for sale are one of the most reliable load-carrying machines you will find. The prices are competitive and we have a complete body and mechanical workshop. We have a full inventory of truck spare parts and Moffett parts for sale too. All types of truck customizations and modifications are done here.

3:- The Moffett and Truck Combo

First of all, there are many benefits to the Moffett-Truck combination. The most significant advantage is that you save on cost and the rig becomes more versatile. Imagine you get a call and they say we need some cargo transported to another State, but unfortunately, they don't have a loading dock or a forklift, and nobody's lending them because of Covid-19. They ask if you can help? Just then, you remember, you just got your flatbed rig hooked up with a nice moffett kit from Bobby Park's truck and equipment. You go yes, I have a solution to your problem, but it's going to cost you extra. Of course, the guy is more than happy to pay the amount you ask.

Our expert staff at Bobby Park and Truck Equipment, can install a Moffett kit on your truck at their service shop at very reasonable rates.  Also, our company offers a large variety of trucks:

  •          They are competitively priced
  •          Are in good condition
  •          Used, but with low mileage
  •          New as well.


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Although Moffett kits can be installed on almost any truck, they are most commonly attached to a flatbed truck.  Professionals at our company help customers in picking the perfect truck, moffett or combo of both.