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When it comes to material handling, undoubtedly, Moffett’s remain the most sophisticated brands. Whether you choose a counterbalance, piggyback, or any model at all, they are sturdy and robust, which help to tackle a broad spectrum of tasks. On the other hand, these trucks also come with some limitations, and that is why there is a broad range of attachments available to boost the efficiency of these trucks, adding to their safety aspect as well.

When you invest in a Moffett with fork attachments, you need to know that these cannot last forever, and it is important to know when they need replacements. From our experience and expertise, here is some information you need to know regarding whether your Moffett attachments need a replacement or not.

The Forks Losing Their Thickness

Similar to the tires of a car, it is imperative that you check the fork thickness. Note that the thickness gives a clear indication of whether they need a replacement or not. Over time, the metal on the forks can wear off, and the forks will not be able to handle the standard load capacity. If the forks lose their original depth, then it is important to remove and replace them. Keep in mind that the fork thickness also affects the performance of the attachments, because there will less surface area securing them.

Cracks and Fractures

When it comes to the forklift, it is important to keep a check on any signs of cracks or fractures. Even if there is any sign of damage, it is best to address the problem immediately. Keep in mind that even the smallest crack has the tendency to lead to bigger problems sooner or later, and this is a clear indicator that you need to focus on replacements. Just consider the fact that any crack starting off as a small one can grow longer into a larger fracture. This will not just be a safety risk, but it could also lead to possible damage to the equipment because of the fork in bad shape. If you see any sign of wear and tear, you need to replace these as soon as possible.

Scrape Marks and Grinding Sounds

The forklift mast works to lower or raise and tilt any loads. This consists of different parts that will require maintenance and care. However, if a part breaks down, it means the others will also experience damages. A common warning sign of wear and tear is the grinding sound, or the visible marks, which shows that the metal is in contact and it is experiencing wearing off effects. If you observe either signs, it means it is the right time to re-adjust and replace the parts completely.

If you are searching for a new or used forklift, or whether you have any inquiries, please contact us at Truck Forklifts for more details. We have many years of experience dealing with used forklifts, so you can rest assured that we can guide you on the best models of Moffett’s to purchase.