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Regardless of the type or the model of lift truck you choose, it will require skill and precision. Sometimes, even the most practices lift truck operators need assistance and care. This is especially true for the most challenging and tight spots. According to OSHA, there are several tips on how you can maintain the lift truck and implement other safety tips.

At Truck Forklifts, we have years of experience in the sales of used Moffett’s. We would like to give you some tips on how to operate it safely and ensure that your job completes on time without any risks. Here are common suggestions we have for you.

Always Look in the Travel Direction

An important tip to ensure control of the equipment is to look in the direction you are heading to with the equipment. If you look over to the side when operating it, when traveling straight ahead, it will only push you to miss an obstacle on your path. This will lead to the risk of a serious accident.

You Should Face the Rear

When driving it, drivers need to face the forklift rear, which will provide the most support the vehicle needs. Choose a vehicle that supports enough load with its forks too.

Maintain a Steady Speed

When you drive a lift truck, you need to understand that it’s not like driving a regular vehicle. To get the job done quicker, there aren’t other ways. If you drive too quickly, it will only lead to a tip-over or collision. Move slowly at all times, and maintain a steady speed for complete safety.

Stop If the Path Isn’t Clear

Whenever you feel that the vision is blocked, or any obstacle hinders the path, you should stop moving as soon as possible. It could be tempting to continue moving ahead, since you may know the environment, but it will only pose harm to the driver and the workers in the vicinity. The equipment may also be in danger.

Use the Horn When Necessary

Regardless of the environment that you work in, you will want to be sure of the surroundings. Before moving, you should use the horn to ensure that workers stay on the alert regarding your movement. It should also help to keep pedestrians alert of your forklift moving. If you are operating the equipment at night or in the dark, you should ensure the main lights work in the best condition.

Be Careful When Reversing

You need to understand that reversing also poses challenges to control on the lift truck. Drivers should back up and always use extreme caution. You should always look in the direction of the travel, check behind, and use the mirrors to always check the surrounding before making a turn.

At Truck Forklifts, you can get in touch with us for the best models in Moffett’s. For more information on the models, specifications and other details, please contact us now. We will attend to your queries at any time.