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Moffett's have become a go-to piece of equipment for businesses that regularly move heavy goods. Adding a moffett to your inventory can provide you with portability and ease of use all at the same time. The fact that you can take your moffett with you to the site makes the lives of material handling business owners a lot easier. With that being said, new moffett truck-mounted forklifts are expensive, and small business owners can't spend that kind of money in most cases. That is why we at Trucks Forklifts provide high-quality used moffett forklifts for small and medium business owners at a fraction of the cost of the new one. However, not all dealerships offer facts and truth about the equipment they have for sale. Therefore, to help any business owner looking to buy a used moffett, we have created this helpful article, suggesting you keep reading.

How To Inspect A Used Moffett Truck-Mounted Forklift That Is Available For Sale?

Finding a high-quality used moffett truck-mounted forklift for sale has never been easier. All you have to do is visit our inventory of used and inspected moffetts to choose one. However, suppose you are looking online and come across an ad for a used moffett for sale. In that case, simply relying on the pictures of the Moffett isn't going to be enough, and you will have to inspect the forklift more carefully. With that being said, here is how you can adequately check a used moffett:

Look for damage: A used moffett is not going to be in mint condition. However, it should still be in decent shape and shouldn't appear too damaged. All the moffetts in our inventory are assessed to ensure they aren't damaged to the point where they are unreliable. However, when you are not buying from a trusted source such as us, you will have to assess the damage yourself before finalizing the purchase of a moffett truck-mounted forklift available for sale in used form. Some damage that you should take as a red flag include rust, cracks, bent parts, and significant gaps between parts and panels.

Condition of tires: While tires can be easily replaced on a moffett, they tell a lot about how the previous owner maintained and used the machine. Not to mention replacement tires for a moffett can be expensive, so make sure the tires don't have any cracks, have enough tread, or have missing chunks.

Avoid used moffetts that are too old: While older moffetts will be cheaper to buy in used condition, they are often too worn out. The more miles a moffett has on it, the chances of a significant repair popping up increase significantly. So make sure that the piggyback forklift you are buying is not a very old model; it will reduce the machine's reliability. Similarly, purchasing a moffett that is too new and less than five years old is also not a good idea as its price will be close to the price of a new one.

Buying a used moffett requires careful inspection and trust in the dealership that is selling it. That is why our customers trust us when it comes to providing high-quality used equipment. If you are looking for a used moffett for sale, visit our dealership to check out the inventory.