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Maintaining and preparing your Moffett forklifts for winters!

Moffett forklifts can be very beneficial for businesses as they offer a number of benefits. With time, their demand is increasing in the market as businesses are frequently using them for transporting their stuff from one place to the other. However, if you as a business want to take full advantage of these forklifts, then it is recommended that you highly take care of its maintenance as well. When word maintenance comes to mind, individuals get the impression that you would have to put a lot of effort into it, but that is usually not the case. Maintenance of these forklifts from companies like Truck Forklifts is extremely easy. And further on in this blog post, we will discuss how you can maintain and prepare your forklift for the winter season.

Invest in Engine Heaters and Fluids for the Moffett Forklift:

If your forklift truck is used in the winter season, you must keep its upkeep. That is because, in winters, your forklift has to perform extra for it to transport heavy objects from one place to another. An extra amount of effort is put in for removing the snow from the roads. For effectual performance, you highly need to take care of the forklift before the winters arrive. Our professionals recommend that you invest in engine heaters and fluids for these reasons. Typically, the standard heater that comes with the forklift does not have high efficiency, which makes it not ideal to be used in winters. We recommend adding an external heater for added protection to make the heating process a lot easier. 

Perpetuation of the Moffett Forklift accessories:

Take care of your forklifts accessories during winters. Some accessories are essential. Self-enclosed cabs are self-mounted guards that protect against the weather. To carefully handle all the harmful weather conditions, these trucks have front and rear wipers. That makes visibility for the driver a lot easier. We also suggest that you avoid water spillage in your trucks as it can cause inconveniences which you do not want. Maintaining parts of the forklifts will ensure safety, cost efficiency, and reliable performance. If properly maintained, they are the ideal productivity tool for delivering more in your business. 

We recommend getting a trained Moffett forklift operator to handle this machine. We suggest that you come to us for the services. We specialize in piggyback forklift parts and accessories. 

Changing the batteries of your Moffett Forklift:

There are high chances of your batteries getting zapped as their life span decreases. If you have been using your forklift a lot during the summers, the chances are that its battery power is already low, and it will die quickly in the winters if not charged. To avoid any such situation, it is recommended that before using your forklift in the winter, you charge it. Charging your battery will not only mean that you get to use it effectively but will also ensure that the forklift is in good condition so that you won’t have to get repairing for it frequently. You want to check the battery cables to ensure that they are fully charged and clean.

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Schedule a service appointment:

If your maintenance service is due, schedule an appointment with our professionals at Truck Forklifts immediately. We will ensure your machines are ready to handle the cold weather conditions. Before performing any services, we will first evaluate your forklift and perform services to ensure it runs smoothly during the harsh winter months. With us, your forklift will always be maintained. Also, our individuals can easily schedule an appointment with us by just making a call. 

In the next section, we are going to discuss some commonly asked questions related to Moffett Forklifts.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Is a Moffett a forklift?

A Moffett is a forklift that is mounted on the lorry. With the help of a Moffett truck, a delivery driver can easily load and unload all the stuff by themselves. That makes loading your belongings at the destinations extremely easy without having to wait for the onsite forklift trucks and the operators. 

How much can a Moffett forklift lift?

Moffett forklifts can perform like battle tanks. They are considered one of the most powerful truck-mounted forklifts in the world. They typically offer a lift capacity of about 3500 kgs and a 4-way mode for negotiating tight access areas with wide loads. 

How heavy is a Moffett?

The lifting capacity of the Moffett usually ranges from 1500 lbs to 1800 lbs. There are many models of this forklift that allow for specialized functions like low profile units and extended reach of same side loading and unloading.  

How long does a Moffett license last?

A Moffett license usually lasts for about five years. Though there is no prerequisite time to being accepted, however, after four years, the license holder can take a refresher and course to renew their license if required.