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Every piece of equipment needs maintenance, and just like that, a Moffett Forklift also needs servicing in order for it to function properly. A lot of businesses are using these forklifts to carry out their business operations in a smooth manner. It is the investment that the businesses make as this equipment is proven to be very useful for moving heavy objects from one place to another. These do not only save a business some money but are also proven to be beneficial in improving service as they are a portable choice that ensures that your objects can be mounted on the back of your truck with ease. That ends up saving your valuable time and effort. However, for achieving all these things, you must get maintenance and servicing of your forklift for satisfying your business requirements. 

Moffett Forklifts maintenance services to get

Inspection of its different parts

The first thing that should be focused on when taking your piggyback truck for maintenance is the inspection of all of its parts. This process is highly significant because if you do not carry out other inspections beforehand, then how will you get to know what is the problem and where it lies. Hence, the first step in maintenance is the inspection, and it should focus on the wear and tear of the various parts to ensure that there are no missing components. Necessary adjustments should be made according to that as the daily inspections of the forklift can keep the forklift in good condition. 

Forklift internal combustion engine maintenance

Moffett Forklift engine maintenance is also a necessary service that a business should get for their forklifts for keeping them in good condition and for satisfying the business requirements whenever needed. Maintenance of the internal combustion engine of the forklift includes changing the fuel, oil, air filter, and greasing the lube points. The maintenance of the engine is according to the usage, and this type of maintenance is required after 200 hours of the vehicle being used. After 50 hours, the grease zerks should be greased, and after 500 hours, the hydraulic systems should be serviced, including putting in the new filters and changing the oil. 

Battery maintenance services

If your forklift is being used on a daily basis for carrying out your regular business operations, battery maintenance services are something important that you need to do. Battery maintenance is important as it helps to lower the forklift costs. Mostly the batteries that are used in forklifts are up of lead-acid and last about 2000 charge cycles, which is usually translated into five years of battery life. However, regular maintenance from intervals of the batteries will ensure that your investment has a great output in the longer run. 

Maintenance of the charging stations of the electric moffetts

Electric Moffett forklifts have a charging station through which they are charged, so regular maintenance of these is required. These are extremely sensitive parts of a forklift and might require some maintenance and upkeep to keep them functional. A few ways through which one can tell whether their services are overdue the visible external damage, low voltage, slow charging, and much more.

Tire maintenance services

Tire replacement services for a forklift are necessary for several reasons that include operator comfort and productivity, decreased operation and maintenance costs, and loss of stability. Generally, the rule of replacing tires is that you replace them when they reach the top of the number. Each tire has its number written on top of the rubber, and when over time, as the tire wears down, the rubber touches the top with the numbers, and which is an indication that something needs to be done about it.

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Moving onto our section of frequently asked questions related to Truck Forklifts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Moffett Forklifts made?

About 60% of the global market share is for the truck-mounted forklift segment that produces its forklifts from plants in Ireland and the Netherlands. 

How many pounds does a Moffett forklift weigh?

A Moffett forklift generally can lift a weight of about 6,200 lbs. That is for the M55, whereas the m55 4 weighs about 7,200 lbs, and a Moffett M5500 can carry a weight of about 5,800 lbs. 

What are the forklifts on the back of the truck called?

A piece of equipment that is both critical and commonplace in a variety of industrial applications is a truck-mounted forklift. That unit is essentially a truck with an open, payload carrying bed and a forklift attached to the back. 

How long is a Moffett truck?

The most common width of a Moffett truck, which you will find, is 102” wide.