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Did you know that before the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for flatbed trucks was on the rise and it is speculated that it will continue afterward as well? There were several reasons for that including high import demands, an increase in construction activity and transport of oil and drilling equipment. According to some sources, the demand was so high for flatbed trucks that they could not fulfill it, resulting in delays. Initially, the use of specialized cargo containers had seen a decline in the demand, but the versatility of the flatbed trucks allowed it to survive and even gain more market share. The machinery that complements this truck the most is the Moffett as with the rise of flatbeds the search for used forklifts for sale near me has gone up.

Why the Flatbed Truck?

The Flatbed truck as the name suggests has a flat body that is entirely level usually with no sides and no roof. This combination allows for the quick and convenient loading of goods and cargo. The design and shape allow for the carrying of none uniform shaped goods that don’t usually fit into enclosed spaces such as cargo containers. If you have ever seen the transport of bridge pillars and massive pipes on the highway the truck carrying it is a flatbed. Not only that it has the capacity to carry heavy military machineries such as tanks and large guns. It’s this exact versatility that has proven to be the strong point of this truck type; it can also transport shipping containers with ease. There is an accessory let’s say a machine that can be added to this type of truck that let’s say is the cherry on top of any transport and logistics business involving the use of flatbeds

The Piggyback Forklift

As the name suggests this Moffett forklift can be attached to a truck with relative ease for transport. This makes any truck flatbed or otherwise a complete transportation system. The piggyback forklift ensures that cargo or any other material can be lifted from wherever it is and loaded on to the flatbed truck for transport. This forklift is lighter than the regular forklifts much safer and is compact as well, allowing it to be easily transported along with the main truck. The secret to its lightweight is that it does not require any counterweight and instead uses a horizontal movable mast and hydraulic stabilizers, provide safety along with lifting power. There are different types of them as well depending on the terrain they are going to be used on one can purchase a rough terrain forklift.

Used or Unused?

Saving on cost is another important aspect of any business’s success. You can buy a new flatbed truck and a Moffett but the initial cost would be quite a lot. Instead, smart-minded companies purchase used or refurbished machinery to save on the money spent at the start. If one purchase from a good company such as they can have peace of mind knowing that the truck and forklift they bought are from one of the best. The most common concern that anyone has regarding used machinery is the constant maintenance cost. This can be avoided if they buy from an experienced retailer who has specialists for flatbeds and moffetts.

In Conclusion

As mentioned earlier on the best combination for success would be to look up a versatile flatbed truck with a piggyback forklift for sale.  To save money it would be best to buy a used one from a company that has experienced staff and a large variety of both trucks and Moffett at great prices. Remember  to keep these things in mind when you search for used forklifts and trucks for sale near you