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Moffett Forklifts- The most flexible portable delivery system in the market!

Moffett Forklifts have been gaining recognition amongst the market because of their excellent work of delivering products even in the toughest of conditions. With time, they have become the most flexible portable delivery systems in the market. Mainly because they have made transportation of larger items from one place to the other extremely easy. There are several other reasons why this system has become extremely popular in the market and further on in this blog post, we are going to discuss those. 

No longer waiting for the Moffett Forklifts:

Having your own Moffett forklift means that you would no longer have to wait for your customer's forklift for loading and unload your belongings. Usually, when you have to transport heavy objects from one place to another, you need a forklift for that job. And typically that forklift is not always available. However, forklifts from reputable companies like Truck Forklifts have made transporting objects a lot easier. So you no longer have to wait and can easily transfer heavy items from one place to another.

You can load and unload the items by yourself:

Another benefit of having your own Moffett forklift is that you can easily load and unload the items by yourself. Being able to do that will reduce your need for any kind of operator. Training and paying the operators for loading and unloading the stuff for you can be a hectic task as managing all of it can get a bit overwhelming. However, with piggyback trucks, you are actually able to do all of these things by yourself. And this could speed up the whole process without wasting any time of yours. 

These piggyback trucks have lightweight designs:

The lightweight design of these trucks has to play a significant role in their gaining popularity. This design makes them extremely versatile and flexible, making them one of the best attributes. In comparison to their weight, they have the ability to lift and offload capacity of about two and a half tonnes which can be extremely impressive. This enables them to be used in a number of different situations like moving heavy items from a house to a van, from storage to an event, or across the warehouse, whatever the requirements are of the client. 

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Suitable for usage on almost every surface:

A problem that a lot of people get to face with forklift trucks is that they are not suitable to be used on uneven surfaces. This is mostly because these trucks are heavy which makes them unstable and when they are used on uneven terrains, chances are that they might trip due to a load of heavy objects on them. This makes the usage of forklifts on the uneven ground not only dangerous but also ineffective. So forklifts that can be used on uneven grounds mean enhanced useability and availability. 

Moffett Forklifts are trailer mounted:

Another reason for them gaining immense popularity is that these forklifts are trailer mounted. Meaning that they can transport with little or no fuss. The forklift hangs off the back of the truck or the trailer. It also uses a special kit for mounting it for transport which reduces the cargo space of the vehicle while transporting it. An increased cargo space means that you could load more heavy items in it for transporting it from one place to another without having to make repeated trips. This is one of the greatest reasons why Moffett Forklifts are highly preferred by businesses. 

Moving onto the section in which we are going to discuss some commonly asked questions associated with Moffett Forklifts.

Commonly Asked Questions:

What is Moffett on a truck?

A Moffett is a vehicle that is capable of carrying the Moffett on the back whilst having an entire bed length available for carrying the cargo on the back. It basically has a kit installed on the rear which enables a Moffett Forklift to mount with its front tires under the truck body. 

How much does a Moffett forklift weigh?

Moffett Forklifts technically weigh about 5925 lbs. These forklifts are considered to be lighter in weight than the usual forklifts. Due to this lightweight design, they offer several advantages like easy operation on uneven terrains. 

How much can a Moffett Forklift lift?

You’ll be surprised to hear that Moffett Forklifts perform like battle tanks and they are considered to be one of the most powerful mounted forklifts in the world. They offer a lift capacity of 3500 kgs and have a 4-way mode for negotiating tight access to areas with wide loads. 

How much does a piggyback weigh?

Generally, a piggyback weighs about 5000-5500 pounds. Though, it is much lighter than the conventional counterbalance forklift that usually weights double than what it’s lifting capacity is.