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When it comes to changing the battery of your Moffett, this may seem like a tedious task. Yes, it may offer a series of troubles and hazards, if you do not take it up properly but if you have a clear understanding of the method, you are good to go! You should have no fear when you adhere to the right practices and protocol, this should make you an expert when it comes to changing the battery of even advanced equipment like a Moffett lift truck.

Usually, the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) takes its time to govern various aspects of a workplace, just to ensure that all employees remain safe in terms of daily duties and performance. In addition, they also pay attention to changing the lift truck's battery.

A great thing is that OSHA also provides tips to help operators and employers execute routine maintenance tasks. If you wish to make the most of your operations in terms of material handling, then here’s a comprehensive guide from our experts at Moffett Truck on how you can be safe when you change the battery of your Moffett.

Setting Up an Area for Proper Charging

When it comes to changing the forklift battery, the charging station, and the work area doesn’t actually consist of a few wires and sheets under the vehicle. Rather, various components will be essential for the operation.  These include a neutralization mechanism, an eyewash sink, and a fire extinguisher. These areas are often pertinent in any replacement activity or charging. In case the acid of the battery splashes into your eyes, it is essential that you rinse your eyes immediately with some warm water several times, and seek medical attention.

Use Protective Equipment

Keep in mind that when you change the battery of your Moffett, you have to ensure that you pay attention to personal protective equipment. Note that having personal protective equipment is vital. You should equip yourself with rubber gloves, as well as goggles, which should protect your eyes and your skin from the corrosive battery, which has the tendency to cause serious burns.

Furthermore, you should wear reinforced clothing to cover your entire body. Note that battery acid is also volatile, and it is recommendable to use deionized water only in the proximity of the equipment since it may cause a pyrolytic reaction. The bottom line here is to avoid any form of contact with the substance.

Follow OSHA Guidelines

As mentioned above, OSHA is highly strict and stringent when it comes to enforcing the very best practices in this area. They often advise that you should avoid smoking in the charging station area. Of course, this comes with various reasons. The most important one is that interactions with hydrogen could turn out to be extremely explosive. OSHA supports the fact that it is important to maintain ventilation in the operation area. In addition, keep away any form of metallic tool or jewellery away from the uncovered areas of the battery terminals. This should prevent the risks of sparks and ignition of chemical fires.

Adhering to safety measures and tips is the best choice when it comes to safety. At truck forklifts, we can give you more tips when you come to us, but if you are searching for the best quality Moffett’s, used or new, we are here for you!