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For most people, summer is a time every year where they get the chance to enjoy some warmth, the clear blue skies, and sunshine. However, in Atlanta, it’s nothing out of the ordinary, but summer is a prolonged period, where the temperatures soar high, heat increases and humidity increases. For forklift operators, this can be an annoying and frustrating period, especially when they work outdoors.

When operating used forklift trucks for sale, the conditions outside could only cause discomfort. Extreme heat outdoors will cause dehydration, heat stroke, and fatigue. Constant exposure to summer heat could only be deadly. However, since we are experts with Moffett’s and other models of used forklifts, we would like to guide you on some important steps that you can take to maximize your safety when operating your lift truck outdoors in the summer heat.

You Need Enough Rest

For any forklift operator, heat exhaustion along with lack of sleep is a dangerous combination. It is important that you rest well, which should diminish the risks that tag along with lack of sleep and energy. If you do not get an uninterrupted sleep of about 7-8 hours, this will increase your chances of slowed reaction times, decreased perception, and awareness, along with shorter attention spans.

Drink Enough Water

When you work outdoors, an hour could turn into two and the next thing is that it would become 3-4 hours without water. If you do not stay hydrated, this can lead to serious hazards. On hot summer days, if you don’t drink enough water, this can even lead to problems like cardiac conditions, or stroke. In a day, we suggest that you consume at least eight glasses of water. If you are taking part in constant physical activity, drink at least twelve glasses of water. When you adhere to this regimen, it will prevent and reduce the risks of dehydration.

Fix Forklift Maintenance Schedules

You need to take care of your forklift in summer days too. In extreme heat, overheating is a common problem that most owners experience. Hence, it is important that you follow the right maintenance schedules. You should keep a check on every aspect of the forklift. Thorough inspections will prevent you from the chances of malfunction or accidents because of the damages that tag along with heat.

We Specialize in Many Areas Related to Forklifts

At Truck Forklifts, we can shorten or lengthen the wheelbase, repair trailer bodies, replace truck bodies, replace transmissions, or even change the gear. Rest assured that you can depend on us for hydraulic repairs as well. In terms of Moffett trucks, we are proud to say that we have them in all shapes, sizes, years, and models available for you to choose from. Choose from flatbed trucks, lifted trucks, truck mounted forklifts and others.

When you come to us at Truck Forklifts, rest assured that we take care seriously. We make certain that the forklifts in our inventory receive extra care even in extreme temperatures. We welcome you to go through our facility, you can ask us any questions and answers you have regarding the Moffett’s. If you are searching for the best-used forklifts, you can get in touch with us and we would like to guide you further.