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Moffett forklifts are quickly gaining popularity thanks to their versatility and portability. You can find Moffett forklifts being used in almost every industry, which is why we have seen an increase in the sales of Moffett forklifts at Bobby Park Truck and Equipment. With that being said, we are commonly asked about the safety precautions and proper operating procedures of Moffett forklifts. This is why we are giving you some essential tips that will help you in operating Moffett forklifts safely.

Tips For Daily Safety Checks Of Piggyback Forklift

Piggyback forklifts, just like any other equipment, need to be inspected daily to ensure safety and minimize risks. Here are a few tips on how to do a safety inspection of your piggyback forklift before operating it.

Inspect for hydraulic fluid leaks: If the hydraulics are leaking, not only can they reduce the functionality of the Moffett, but they can also cause slippage.

Check the Moffett lights and beacon: Your Moffett lights are a way for you to communicate with others at the worksite, so make sure all the lights are working by turning on each one before using the Moffett.

Ensure that the emergency stop is working: The E switch or emergency switch can save your life in case of a mishap. So before you start operating the Moffett, make sure that the emergency switch is working correctly.


Tips For Safely Mounting/Dismounting Moffett Forklift From The Truck

The most crucial part of using a piggyback forklift is safely mounting and dismounting it from the truck. This is also the part where most Moffett accidents happen. So to ensure safe mounting and dismounting, you should implement the following tips.

Wear gloves and a helmet before mounting or dismounting: The mounting/dismounting process involves fastening the safety chain and other hinges that can injure your hand, so make sure you are wearing heavy-duty gloves and helmet.

Wear a seatbelt: Most Moffett operators don't wear a seatbelt because they have to get in and out of the Moffett often. Not wearing a seatbelt, especially during the mounting and dismounting process, is a safety hazard. Moffet seatbelts are designed to hold the operator in place in case of any untoward incident. So make sure you have your seatbelt on when mounting or dismounting the Moffett from the truck.

Don't allow passengers when mounting/dismounting: When mounting/dismounting, only the operator should be allowed on the Moffett.

Use a three-point stance when climbing on and off the Moffett: When you are getting on or off the Moffett during the mounting/dismounting process, make sure you have both hands and one foot on the Moffett at all times.

Tips For Loading And Unloading According To Moffett Forklift Capacity

Make sure you don't exceed the maximum Moffett forklift capacity. If you have a used piggyback forklift that was up for sale, you should have it regularly serviced and repaired to allow maximum loading capacity.