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Safety Tips You Should Know When Using Moffett Forklift for Sale

There are several things to think about while shopping for a used Moffett forklift, such as its condition and expected lifespan. However, the safety of their employees and the people in the area is always a top concern for business owners. 

Accidents involving the forklift might lead to costly repairs and losses if management doesn't check its condition regularly. This is why a thorough safety inspection of the Moffett forklift for sale is so important. However, before business owners can discover what Moffett forklift parts to look for, they need to be aware of the advantages that forklift present.

Good Moffett forklift for sale safety practices should be adhered to by all personnel while one of your vehicles is in use. Do you ensure that all of your drivers have received forklift safety instructions?

Read on for additional information about forklift safety measures that will help you maintain a productive staff.

Why Forklift Safety Is So Important

No human being could ever do the labor that your forklift regularly does. However, keep in mind that a forklift is a strong machine with the ability to cause serious harm if used incorrectly.

Nonfatal workplace injuries numbered 8,140 in 2019. A forklift tragedy claimed the lives of seventy-nine people. Forklift accidents often result in an injured employee's 16-day absence from work.

The average forklift weighs more than three times as much as a midsize car, so while many operators operate them every day without incident, it's important to keep that in mind. As with any tool, there is the possibility of genuine harm being done if it is utilized improperly.

Pre-Operational Inspections

Forklifts are sturdy machinery, but they need to be inspected before use. For routine machine inspections, the operator should maintain a checklist. Here are a few things you should check every day.

  • The fuel, radiator water, and engine oil levels are all regulated.

  • wheels and tires

  • Electrolytes and cells

  • Chain anchor pins

  • For hydraulic hoses, hose reels

  • Adjusting knobs

  • Forks

  • Horns/Brakes

  • Clutching and gear shifts

  • Every gauge and light

  • Steering

  • Systems for tilting and lifting

  • Put on your seatbelt.

  • Reversed warning signal and beeper

Safety Tips For Buying a Moffett Forklift For Sale

Due to their reliability and adaptability, Moffett forklifts are enjoying rising levels of popularity. Therefore, more inquiries were made about the safety features of the Moffett forklift. As such, in this article, we will discuss the factors that should be taken into account to ensure the security of the Moffett forklift.

  1. Overturning Forklifts

A significant number of forklift accidents are caused by overturning forklifts. The most frequent reasons for a forklift overturn are as follows.

  • Asymmetrical weight distribution

  • Excessive weights

  • Odd weights

  • High ceilings to support large loads

  • Operator's limited view

Attempting to jump off the Moffett truck for sale may be a driver's natural instinct if it appears to be overturning. In actuality, the forklift operator is safer if they remain seated and lean away from the forklift's turning direction.

  1. Pinning and Crushing Accidents

Workers being crushed or pinned by a forklift is yet another tragic occurrence. An overturned forklift or a situation in which a worker is in the operator's blind spot is the most typical cause of this.

It is possible to reduce this likelihood by designing the workplace so that workers on foot and machines never have to cross paths.

  1. Blind Spots

Training in forklift safety should include instruction on mitigating the risks posed by the vehicle's blind areas, which are exacerbated when cargo is transported. The operator may experience difficulties seeing because of the load.

In addition, the forklift has a wide turning radius due to its rear end. This can endanger anyone who isn't riding the Moffett truck for sale but is standing in its path.

  1. Loading Items beyond the Load Capacity

Keep in mind that different Moffett models are built to accommodate varying loads. Just keep in mind the weight limit when loading products. It might tip over if you load more stuff on it than it can handle. The only people who are going to be put in harm's way are the drivers of the cars at the warehouse or construction site.

  1.  Maintain the Load Height

Operators must be aware of their surroundings when transporting cargo, as the pallet height could become a major issue if not handled properly. The following is only one example. The driver's line of sight will be obstructed if the load is too high. Accidents with dire consequences are inevitable as a result of this.

  1. Operators Don’t Get Distracted

Accidents involving forklifts are rather prevalent, and one common cause is operator distraction. One's own thoughts and feelings, physical ailments, or simply being preoccupied with external sounds all qualify as potential sources of distraction. All potential sources of disruption must be ruled out.

  1. Right Safety Gear for All

Protective equipment should be made available to all workers who come into contact with the forklift, including the driver, helpers, and supervisor. This kit includes protective eyewear, leather gloves, fluorescent outerwear, and hard hats.


Driving a used Moffett forklift for sale requires even more stringent adherence to a well-structured safety regimen. In addition, you can rely on Truck Forklifts to provide you with fast repairs at the lowest possible prices if you are unsure as to the maintenance of the Moffett forklift or if you need to replace any Moffett forklift parts. To add, there is a wide selection of used Moffett forklifts of all models available if you're in the market for one.