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When searching for forklifts for sale near you be it to purchase truck-mounted forklifts or regular forklifts, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. It is not every day that you will be making this purchase plus the machines cost money and whatever costs money you need to be certain fits your bill and is what you need. No matter what business you have, be it involving construction or logistics, the safety of your personnel will always be paramount. Keeping that in mind you should know why more and more companies are searching for moffetts for sale rather than the regular forklift. In case you don’t, we’ll explain why as we compare the two and describe how one is better safety-wise and more cost-efficient than the other.

Moffett vs the Regular Forklift

Before we get on to the moffett let us describe the regular forklift. The forklift works like a seesaw in terms of how it lifts weight at the front it has the lifter and at the other end, it has a counterweight that helps to balance the vehicle. The fulcrum or the pivot point are the wheels of the forklift. So, when any load is lifted the weight at the back of the forklift counterbalances it. The driver is also located at the opposite end of the load. In cases where the load is greater than the counterweight, the forklift can tilt forward and cause injury to the driver and possible damage to the merchandise.  Depending on its capacity to lift load the conventional forklift is relatively heavy.

The Moffett or the truck-mounted forklift is relatively lighter and can easily be mounted on a truck for transport, hence saving fuel. Also, unlike the conventional forklift, this does not have any counterweight and instead has a horizontally moving mast. The movement of this allows to alter the balance and hence, the lift capacity of the machine. To cover up for the counterweight it uses has hydraulic stabilizers. This allows the fulcrum or pivot point to be the stabilizers and allow for heavy loads to be lifted. The pivot point being the stabilizers prevent the forward tilting effect that can happen in regular forklifts hence it is safer for the driver and allows more stability when lifting loads.

So, should you Search for that a Regular Forklift Dealer?

By now, “no” should be the answer to this question. In the long run, truck-mounted forklifts cost less and are more easily transportable. They are safer as well. Being a business owner both cost and safety are paramount. Hence, one should always go for something that provides both. If you feel that a new one would be out of your budget then companies like offer used truck-mounted units as well. So just make sure that the next time you go for Toyota forklift dealer you find one that has moffetts. You can check out competitive prices here.


What About Parts?

The one question all companies ask about is parts? Parts and regular maintenance are essential for the long life of any machinery. The thing is you can’t just walk into any store or mechanic shop to find your moffett parts for sale. That is why it is good to buy your machine from a place that has all the parts and expertise to keep your asset running. Make sure that you check up on their inventory the more variety they have the better and also make sure they provide the 3S’s i.e. sales, service and spare parts. Experience counts a lot so make sure that you are dealing with the best.