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There have been so many changes and innovations in the trucking industry during the past few years and they have taken the truck drivers by a storm. If you are a heavy vehicle or truck driver, you must get yourself familiar with these changes in order to stay on top of your game. If you wish to remain profitable in the trucking industry in the long run, you must make a few changes. Technological changes such as the introduction of ELD’s as well as autonomous trucks are among these rapid changes, to name a few.

Here are some of the most influential changes that brought challenges for the truck drivers in recent years:

Introduction of ELDs:

The introduction of Electronic Logging Devices or commonly known as ELD’s was one of the biggest changes in the trucking industry in recent years and it was surrounded by much contemplation and anticipation on part of the truck drivers. Right now, it will be too soon to comment on the impact of ELD’s on the industry, but unfortunately, ELD’s did have a dramatic impact on van rates and has caused them to get alarmingly high.

Autonomous Trucks:

These self-driving trucks that have been introduced ceremoniously into the trucking industry are a cause of much concern and worry for the truck drivers. Truckers fear that they will lose their jobs and will be replaced by a computer-driven truck, but there is no need to worry about this for at least another generation. There are a bunch of mechanical issues as well as other problems that the trucking industry needs to sort out before shifting to autonomous trucks. So, truck drivers can relax for the time being!

Driving Hours:

In most of the states nowadays, drivers are not allowed to drive for more than 14 hours after coming on duty. There are electronic logs to keep a check on these driving hours. In the past, truck drivers used to drive their free will until they felt tired and wanted to rest or sleep without the fear of dispatcher buzzing on Qualcomm, but that is not the case now. Whether it's for the best that drivers are being held accountable for their driving hours or not is yet to be seen.

Pay increases are not enough:

The trucking industry has witnessed remarkable growth in the last few years, almost about 4.2 %, and this growth naturally leads to a higher demand for truck drivers. Many industries are offering enticing and irresistible bonuses if you land a job with them as a truck driver, but on the flip side, you later discover so many stipulations and strings attached to the offers. Nowadays pay rates are high in lieu of the shortage of drivers, but there are not enough wages being paid to combat the inflation. Truck driver wages do not even cover the number of hours a driver puts to work. Just look for a well-reputed company to work for with good routes and a decent paycheck and be as picky as you can while deciding which company to work for.

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