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Piggyback forklifts have made their way into almost all major industries where heavy loads need to be moved frequently. You can find moffett forklifts being used everywhere, from manufacturing facilities to farm applications. However, since budget can be a constraint when a small business plans on buying a moffett, many business owners look for used Moffett forklifts for saleAt Trucks Forklifts, we have a complete inventory of used piggyback forklifts that you can buy at a fraction of the cost of new ones. While all the moffetts in our inventory are carefully inspected to ensure they are in good shape before putting them up for sale, many dealers sell used moffetts that are in bad shape. So to help anyone who is planning on buying a used moffett, here are some aspects you should consider. 

The piggyback forklift you are planning on buying should not be too old 

Piggyback forklift handles heavy loads throughout its lifetime. The longer a piggyback forklift has been in use, the more wear and tear it will have. So when you are buying a used moffett, make sure to check the make and model. Usually, the newer models of used moffetts will be more expensive because they will have lower mileage and be in better condition. However, while older models might be cheap to buy, they will have fewer years of work left in them. For example, we have this used 2008 Princeton PB50 up for sale at $22,500. At the same time, the older models will be much lower in price than this one at the cost of slightly lower mechanical health. So make sure to find a good balance between the price and model year when buying a used moffett 

Look at the safety features of the used Moffett 

If you are buying used moffett, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to compromise on the safety features. When you buy a used moffett, make sure the safety features are in working condition. Some basic safety features to look for in a used moffett are: 

  • Horns and safety alarms  

  • Seatbelts in good condition and locking mechanism in an operational state 

  • Warning lights in working condition 

  • All levers present and operational 

  • Brakes in good condition 

Before putting a used piggyback forklift up for salewe make sure it has all the essential safety equipment in good condition. However, when you are buying a moffett from another dealership, it is up to you to make sure all these basic safety features are working correctly. 

Inspect the Moffett for damage  

While minor dents and scratches are not something to worry about when buying a used moffett, significant damage such as to the forks or a damaged frame is not something that should be ignored. So make sure that the major components of the moffett aren't damaged before finalizing the purchase.   

Are you looking for a used piggyback forklift for sale? Visit our website to browse through our inventory of piggyback forklifts.