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In different retail outlets, warehouses and businesses throughout the United States, forklifts surely play an important role. According to surveys, more than 1,000,000 used forklifts for sale are in operation, which aids in shuttling inventory and helping employees to stay efficient, organized, and efficient.

Regardless of their improving efficiency, most of the forklift-related citations routinely fall among OSHA’s (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) list of top 10 violations on annual basis. The agency also estimates that about 110,000 accidents involve forklifts yearly and such accidents may cost most businesses an estimated cost of about $135,000,000.

What really can employers do to keep their workers safe? Our experts at Moffett Trucks have a guide on how to improve forklift safety in facilities of all sizes.

Offer Moffett Forklift Safety Training

Before your employees finally take control of different forklifts in their work areas, they must receive the right training that meets the requirements of OSHA. The OSHA’s standard for powered trucks requires employers to offer the following as a part of training for forklifts.

The program must consider the following:

  •        General rules for safe operation
  •        The truck types used on site
  •        The hazards powered industrial trucks may create
  •        OSHA’s general safety requirements
  •        The trainees may also operate forklifts under the supervision of employees with training and the experience to instruct others.
  •        During operations, trained experts must demonstrate that they know how to do the job well and safely.
  •        The employers should provide formal training, which may consist of video, lecture and software training with written material, hands-on experience and demonstration

Before Operation Check for Hazards

You should check the oil levels and check, the tires to be sure they are sufficient for road trips. The forklift operators can also perform a complete inspection in order to ensure that the forklift is safe for use before the operation.

Right before getting behind the wheel, here are some steps employers and employees should follow.

  • Check the oil, water levels and signs for radiator leaks
  • Examine the tires
  • Ensure the forklifts do not have cracks
  • Test the horn, lights, test brakes and the steering wheel
  • Look for uneven surfaces, obstructions, other potential hazards, and overhead obstacles

Follow Floor Markings to Keep the Workers Safe

Keep in mind that the floor markings can create aisles, warn of hazards, and improve workflow where the use of forklifts is imperative. Here are some ways floor markings make shuttling easier:

  • Creates Clear Pathways and Aisles, Pathways and aisles work in smart ways to alert pedestrians to the presence of Moffett forklifts. They safely direct traffic and create separate pathways throughout the facility. The printable tapes also indicate the directions of the traffic. These instructions help the drivers to operate safely as well as more effective in congested areas.
  • The Signs Create Traffic Controls: The easy-to-read floor signs also warn drivers of all the speed limits in order to inform pedestrians of the forklifts nearby and notify workers when the forklifts and pedestrians should not cross the aisle.
  • Reroute Pedestrians: The floor markings help to keep all the employees away from the operating, moving forklifts.

The best practice when it comes to maintaining safety is to check the forklifts before time properly and follow precautionary measures when using the vehicle. If you buy used forklifts for sale, you should make sure you are aware of the load capacity, its history and whether the engine is powerful enough or needs some work.

At Moffett Truck, we can provide you with the best working forklifts, as well as every detail you wish to know about the models we have here. Feel free to get in touch with us today!