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Especially because of the amount of work they carry out in a warehouse, used forklifts require excessive hours of care and maintenance. With proper tune-ups and proper maintenance schedules, you will be able to ensure that the parts work well. Before the time for a replacement comes, you will be aware. With the right knowledge at hand, this saves money, and the downtime as well as the parts of the forklift. You need to pay attention to the replacement of the parts and be alert to change them before the time runs out.

At Truck Forklifts, with enough years of experience in the sales of used Moffett’s, we will equip you with the best information to ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly.

Tips for Replacing the Chains

The forklift chain or the mast chain in a forklift stands out as the most important component of the hydraulic lift system. Ignoring proper maintenance and care will only leave the chains damaged or broken. It will also leave the operators in the vicinity at possible risks. In many cases, a snapped chain will also leave the loads moving in the air. The best tip is to replace the chains because of the constantly broken links and wear and tear, turned pins, rust, misalignment, collision, and more. The best option, in this case, is to replace the mast chains. This is quite simple as well. If you ignore this, it will only lead to serious problems.

We recommend that you inspect the chains after every 500 hours. Once 1,000 hours complete, lubricate them. Replace them after 6,000 hours for smooth operations.

Tips for Replacing Hoses

Several hoses carry fluid throughout the forklift, and they can degrade or break down eventually. This also depends on the load that they carry, the replacement, location in the truck, usage, and others. You should check the fuel hose properly.

These are relevant for internal combustion forklifts, and check the hose for spills, and leaks, which could be dangerous for the environment. You should always stay on the alert for fuel hose damages, misfiring engine, and leaks. After 4,000 hours, consider a replacement.

Hydraulic tank hoses also require proper care. If you ignore the care of ruptures, and oil leaks, it will lead to serious problems such as breaking cylinders, worn-out ones and shifting. Likewise, you should consider a replacement after every 4,000 hours for hydraulic hoses.

Tips to Replacing the Spark Plugs

The spark plugs in a lift truck also require frequent replacements and utmost care. Like it is in cars, any failure to regular replacements will only cause low fuel efficiency, misfiring engines, engine idling, lack of lift power, and other problems. As soon as possible, you will have to replace the spark plugs. We suggest that you check them after 500 hours, or as soon as you see wearing out signs.

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