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In the warehouse industry, several major companies often rely on and prefer to use forklifts. These lifting vehicles make it much better to move and manage inventory in a warehouse. They are large pieces of machinery that may experience mechanical problems, leading to dangerous situations, if you avoid checking them. When it comes to the smooth operation of forklifts, it is important to check it on a regular basis. Routine maintenance checks help to ensure the Moffett equipment operates well for years to come ahead.

Before you decide to invest in a forklift, we have a short guide by a forklift dealer to some of the most common forklift maintenance problems that you may encounter, so it’s best you know them and address them on time.

1.    Wear and Tear of Tires

Similar to a car, the tires of your lift truck may need regular replacement and checks. If you have a forklift with worn-out tires, poor maintenance will lead to poor handling problems and it will damage the suspension. Since the suspension has to be in the best working order to be able to lift even the heaviest load, it is best to address any issues with the suspension at once. If left unchecked, the suspension issues may lead to other major problems.

2.    Problems When Lifting

The important part of a forklift is the ability to lower and raise the mast. If the mast on the forklift moves erratically or does not raise or lower the vehicle properly, this is a sign that the hydraulic system has some major problems. It may be that there’s a clog in the hydraulic fluid system, or it may be lower. If the machine ends up lifting a heavier load, this could cause lifting-related problems and lead to the engine overheating.

3.    Electrical Issues

In various parts of the forklift end up experiencing electrical problems, or the forklifts do not start; it could indicate that the battery may be experiencing problems. This would mean that it is the right time to replace the battery on your forklift.

4.    Steering Problems

If left unchecked, your lift truck may experience steering problems, which may become chronic and be the leading cause of maintenance problems, which can affect the maneuvering of the truck. Usually, the difficulty becomes better with steering fluid levels. It is possible to fix this problem. At other times, another common problem is the impact the steering controls would have and affect the wearing away steering gears. At such times, it is a good idea to inspect the forklift at once, to ensure it operates smoothly.

If you have any questions or doubts in your mind regarding the use and maintenance of forklifts, it is best that you consider consulting us at Moffett Truck. You can contact us and we will offer you the best services when it comes to investing in used and new forklifts for s