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For over a century, the heavy-duty vehicle, or forklift truck has been around and you may find this in various warehouse operations in different corners of the world. The very first forklift use was due to workforce shortages in warehouses, which was in the World War I era. At that time, many large companies turned to power lift tractors, and material handling equipment in their factories.

In warehouse operations today, you can find forklifts with variations, like attachments for easy loading. This made it essential for forklift operators to try to get a better understanding of their load capacity, and the risks that tag along with exceeding it.

From our experience here at Moffett Truck, we want forklift operators to know everything regarding the load capacity of their forklifts and guide them on the best practices to ensure they use and maintain their vehicle around their workplace.

The Load Capacity

The load capacity of a forklift refers to the maximum amount of weight that the machinery can carry when working in good condition. For this, you have to know the specified load center or the exact position, or else the capacity of the lift truck may reduce.

In addition, each lift truck comes with a data plate; this indicates the load capacity, which specifies the load it can safely lift at different mast angles. When you invest in a forklift, the plate has to display the load capacity, the lift height, load center distance, model number, lift height, and band. The plate also has to include details like the:

  •          Downrating for the attachments
  •          Downrating of the lift capacity in case you fit a mast
  •          You should choose a fairly bigger load capacity than the actual one your business needs
  •          Estimate the safe load capacity and the oversized loads
  •          Know the exact capacity of the lift truck, and ensure you do not exceed it
  •          If the capacity stated exceeds the load, you can counteract this by reducing the load or weight
  •          You have to know the precise forklift capacity and ensure that you do not exceed it
  •          The data plate has to show appropriate details
  •          Train operators to use the load capacity plate and not assume the capacity on their own
  •          Check the marked weight of the objects or a scale to determine the weight
  •          Work out the type of forklift your business needs, along with its capacity and safety features

Load Capacity Tips to Consider

Keep in mind that using a Moffett forklift will require you to undergo some training and gather enough information. You need to ensure that you understand the basics of operation of the forklift along with the load capacity. For load transportation tasks, you should choose durable options. The best way to ensure this is by choosing appropriate dealers. At Moffett Truck, we can be your guide along the way.

For more information on the load capacity of your lift truck, please feel free to get in touch with us today.