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If you are planning to buy a forklift and truck combination, what you are looking for is likely a Moffet truck for sale. Moffett trucks have specially designed mounts on the back of the bed that allows you to mount the Moffett forklift and transport it. If you manage to find a used Moffet truck in good condition, you can improve your business productivity while saving a lot of money. However, finding used Moffett forklift trucks in good condition is not easy. To make your used Moffett truck hunt a little easier, we will tell you how to find and inspect a used Moffet truck.

How To Find Used Moffet Truck Or Moffett Forklifts For Sale?

Finding a good used Moffett truck can be a hassle. While you can find plenty of shiny Moffett trucks and Moffett forklifts for sale, online reliability is always an issue with used trucks. This is why we at Bobby Park Truck & Equipment have a selection of Moffett trucks that are inspected and ready to serve. There are many different aspects to look at when buying a used Moffett truck, you have to consider the usage history and mechanical condition of the Moffett truck. This is why we at Bobby Park provide our customers with details about the usage history and mechanical condition of the Moffett trucks we have in our inventory. By choosing a reputed dealer, you can make your used Moffett truck hunt a lot easier. If you are looking for a used flatbed trailer with Moffett for sale, we can provide both the Moffett and the flatbed pair combination for your heavy lifting needs.

Inspecting A Moffett Truck Before Buying

Moffet trucks, for the most part, are similar to regular flatbed trucks with one exception. They have a specially designed mechanism installed on the back that allows you to mount a Moffett on the end of the truck and dismount it as well. While most people are familiar with the standard inspection of a truck, not many people know how to check the mounting mechanism of the Moffett trucks.  So when buying a used Moffett truck for sale, it is recommended to pay special attention to the following parts of the Moffett truck.

Locking parts: The sections of the forklift mounting kit that hold the forklift in place while it is traveling bear most of the load. So it is a good idea to ensure that the locking mechanism and hinges that the safety chain is attached to are not worn or damaged.

Wheel pads: If you have a forklift that sits instead of hangs behind a Moffet truck, you have to make sure that the wheel pads are in good condition. You also have to make sure that the wheel pads are not rusted or cracked in any way.

Are You Looking For Moffet Parts For Sale?

If you have a Moffett that needs repairs or Moffet parts, we at Bobby Park also provide repair and parts for Moffett forklifts. We also offer repair estimates free of charge, so you don't have to hesitate if you are looking for an estimate of the repair cost.