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Like any other vehicle, the piggyback forklift also requires regular maintenance to keep it in good shape. Without regular maintenance, your moffett can lose its performance or can fail. Besides, without proper care, you will have to replace your moffett sooner due to excess wear. While each type of moffett maintenance is essential and should be done on time, there is some common maintenance that we at Truck Forklifts do on moffetts. In case you are wondering about the maintenance you should perform on your piggyback forklift, this article is for you.

Common Moffett forklift truck maintenance checklist

While the moffett forklift truck is a durable piece of equipment and can easily handle most uses, it still needs regular maintenance. Here at Truck Forklifts, our service department performs maintenance and repairs along with parts replacement for moffetts, and how soon you require to maintain your moffett depends upon how much it is being used. With that being said, here are some standard piggyback forklift maintenance based on usage hours:

Frequent maintenance needs: The more frequent type of maintenance that you need to perform every 200 hours or so involves the following maintenance:

  •          Replacing the air filter with a new one to make sure your moffett's engine is getting clean filtered air as it runs.
  •          Lubricating of the components to make sure that there is no unnecessary wear due to lack of lubrication.
  •          Replacing the engine oil with new fresh engine oil and replace the oil filter to keep the inside of your moffett's engine clean and well lubricated.
  •          Replacing the fuel filter of your piggyback forklift with a new one to ensure that any debris in the fuel doesn't make its way into the engine
  •          Inspect the drive belt and chains, and other visible components to ensure they are not damaged or need replacement.

Less frequent maintenance needs: Along with the regular maintenance that needs to be done every few weeks or so, there is some maintenance that you have to perform after every 600 hours of use. Our trained technicians do these maintenances, and they include the following maintenance items:

  •          Replace the hydraulic fluid as hydraulic fluid tends to go bad over time. Just like you would have to replace the engine oil filter and engine oil replacement, you will also have to replace the hydraulic filter with hydraulic fluid replacement. Each moffett may have specific instructions on how often you should replace your forklift's hydraulic fluid. It would be best if you also inspected the hydraulic oil pump when replacing the hydraulic fluid to make sure it is in good condition.
  •          Checking the life chain tension and make sure that the mast is operating without restriction.
  •           Looking for any missing or damaged components so that they can be replaced in time to prevent accidents.

While a piggyback forklift truck might not be a demanding piece of equipment in terms of maintenance, it still requires regular maintenance to keep it in great shape. Our repair and maintenance team at Trucks Forklifts specializes in moffett repair and maintenance, and we have outlets all around the USA. If you are looking for a reliable place to get your moffett maintained properly, get in touch with us for all your moffett maintenance needs.