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moffett truck

Here In the US, you can find portable piggyback forklifts rapidly replacing traditional forklifts. That is because a moffett truck offers a lot of convenience for businesses to reduce delivery times and ease of transportation. At Truck Forklifts, we have been selling used moffetts for different applications for years, and our customers are satisfied with the performance and features of this equipment. However, some business owners aren’t sure if a moffett would handle the usage applications of their specific industry before they buy one. In fact, the question regarding the industrial applications of moffetts is one of the most common we get from customers. While piggyback forklifts can be used in various scenarios and can serve all significant types of material handling businesses, there are some applications where they perform exceptionally well. And this article will explain these industrial applications of a moffett for you, so read on.

Looking for a Moffett Truck for Sale? Here are Some Common Industries Where Moffett Trucks Shine

Whether you run a delivery company, a building business, a farm, or a warehouse, you should be looking for a moffett truck for sale to help you handle the heavy lifting and transporting needs. However, if you want to be a bit more specific about the applications of a moffett then here are some industries where this piece of equipment shines bright:

Farm applications: When you own a farm, you have to handle fertilizer, animal feed, harvest, and other heavy items. And if you also supply your farm produce to different buyers, you need an efficient way to move and deliver your products. A moffett is a perfect solution for farm material handing and rough terrain such as this 2003 Moffett M5000-4W. It’s not a moffett truck for sale, but it can be attached to a vehicle that has the mount added.

Construction application: Since construction sites in urban areas have limited space and tight regions, heavy forklifts don’t perform well in such situations. However, the compact form factor of a moffett combined with high maneuverability and the ability to mount on the back of a truck makes moffets perfect to be used at construction sites.

Industrial gas handling: If you regularly handle flammable materials such as LPG or other gas cylinders, a moffett is the ideal equipment for you. Since moffetts have added stability features built into them, they have a lower risk of rolling over or dropping the flammable cylinders. The high visibility design of moffetts makes them ideal for moving flammable materials across short distances. And since LPG and industrial gas distribution companies have to deliver cylinders to different customers, they can simply unmount the moffett to drop off the right number of cylinders at each customer’s location without arranging a forklift to the delivery site.

Delivery and distribution: If there is one industry where a Moffett truck seems to fit seamlessly is the delivery and distribution industry. Since a delivery/distribution company relies on their ability to move and deliver goods as quickly as possible, a moffett truck can help them move and deliver goods faster. Not to mention a moffet hangs at the back of the truck, so you don’t have to worry about losing space that can be used to load up more goods instead.  

If you are looking for a Moffett for sale, simply give us a call or visit our dealership.