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Moffett forklifts are just like any other heavy-duty piece of equipment that handles heavy loads, and this causes wear and tear to the moffett forklift parts. At Truck Forklifts, we handle the parts replacement and maintenance of different equipment types, including moffett forklifts. While we get moffetts that require every kind of part, some parts need to be replaced quite often on a Moffett forklift. If you are a new Moffett forklift owner or plan to buy a Moffett forklift, you are probably wondering which parts you will have to replace more often. This is why in this article, we will tell you about the most commonly replaced Moffett forklift parts, so read on.

Moffett Forklift Commonly Requires Fork Replacement

The forks of any forklift, including Moffett forklift, handle load directly. However, in a Moffett forklift, the fork does the additional task of helping in the mounting and unmounting process. This puts extra wear and tear on the forks of a Moffett, and therefore forks of a Moffett are some of the most frequently replaced parts. While Moffett forks are made from durable materials, they still start showing signs of wear and need to be replaced. How often you will have to replace your Moffet's forks depends upon your usage, and it is vital to get the forks of a Moffett replaced by a trusted service station such as ours before the wear becomes dangerously severe.

Chains of the Moffett Forklift Commonly Require Replacement

Your Moffett forklift chains have to bear the load every time you lift something, and while the load is being held up in the air, the chains of the Moffett remain under stress until the load is put down. This makes chains one of the essential parts of your Moffet's hydraulic lift mechanism, and we recommend getting the chain replaced as soon as you start seeing signs of damage. Some Moffett chains might not appear visibly damaged, but they may get elongated, which is also a sign that the chain needs to be replaced as soon as possible. While proper chain lubrication and maintenance can increase the chain's lifespan, you should still replace them after every 6000 hours of use.   

Tires of a Moffett Forklift are Another Part you Need to Replace Often

Tires of a Moffett forklift play an essential role in its operation, and it is vital to keep a close eye on the condition of the moffett's tire to ensure proper operation. If the Moffett is used in off-road conditions or it has to go up and down on slopes while carrying heavy loads, the tires can get bald reasonably quickly and start losing grip. Similarly, you may start noticing cracks in the tire, or the tires may start dropping chunks, which is a clear sign that the Moffett tires need to be replaced immediately. 

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