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The piggyback forklift has become a go-to choice for most material handling businesses. Whether you need to deliver goods, move items within your warehouse, or need a general heavy-duty piece of equipment to support your business functions, the moffett is ideal for you. Moffett's are efficient, easy to use and durable, making them a perfect delivery vehicle for the material handling businesses. At Truck Forklifts, we have sold piggyback forklifts to different types of companies, and the applications of piggyback forklifts are not limited to a few industries. In case you are wondering about the specific businesses or industries that can benefit from having a moffett on-site, this article is for you. We will tell you about the most common applications of a piggyback forklift so read on.

Moffett forklift truck is a versatile piece of equipment with plenty of applications

You might have seen the moffett forklift truck being used in various terrains and environments, which is a testimonial for its versatility and durability. So while a moffett can be used for several situations, here are some common applications of a moffett:

Agriculture: At Trucks Forklifts, we have had the pleasure of providing used moffett forklifts for different farm applications, and if you are associated with the agriculture industry, then having a moffett by your side can be of great help. Since agriculture and farming involve moving fertilizer, seeds, animal feed, and harvest, having a moffett can allow you to take your piggyback forklift with you on the back of the truck to deliver farm products. A moffett can be an all in one solution for all your farm material handling needs.

Construction: The construction process is notorious for its heavy lifting needs, and since urban construction sites have become congested, a compact piggyback lift that you can take anywhere is ideal for construction sites. Moffett's are easily maneuverable, and while it can be challenging to operate other equipment in tight spaces, a moffett can quickly move materials around the construction site.

Military: Piggyback lift truck has made a reputation for its durability and ability to handle different terrains with ease. It is due to its rugged nature that it can serve military and defence purposes. Since the military needs a portable and durable piece of equipment that can be easily relocated behind a truck and quickly load or unload vital goods, a moffett is an ideal military equipment piece. Moffett's are used as support equipment to keep the other army equipment running correctly.

Distribution: If you run a distribution business, you are probably familiar with the importance of loading and unloading good quickly. When you have goods to distribute to multiple locations and meet the deadlines, all the while ensuring the goods aren't damaged during loading and unloading, a piggyback forklift can be the perfect solution. When a distribution company is looking for a forklift to add to their fleet, we always recommend moffetts to them. Due to their added stability features and safety, they are an ideal forklift to have if you are running a distribution company.

We are the number one source of used Moffett forklifts, and we operate all around the USA. If you are looking for a used Moffett to purchase, get in touch with us, and we have you covered.