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When you buy a moffett truck to mount and transport a moffett forklift, you have to make sure the vehicle meets specific criteria for safely mounting the Moffett. At Truck Forkliftswe sell used flatbed trucks that are perfect for transporting moffett forklifts by mounting them at the back of the flatbed truck. You can also mount a Moffett on the back of a trailer, and we offer modification services that allow you to do that. Many customers ask us about what are some key things to look for when buying a truck for mounting a Moffett on the back. There needs to enough space on the end of the vehicle to accommodate the moffett forklift. To help anyone wondering what to consider when buying a moffett truck, we will explain some key considerations for purchasing a moffett truck so keep reading.

How to inspect a Moffett truck after finding a used moffett truck for sale?

When you have located a used Moffett truck for sale, either online or at a dealership such as ours, you should look for certain things in the truck you are interested in buying. While we only keep mechanically sound and quality used trucks and other equipment for sale, you should pay close attention to the truck's mechanical condition if you are buying it online or from an individual. Once you have gotten the mechanical inspection out of the way, you have to make sure if the truck is fit for mounting a Moffett or not. Here is how you can tell if a truck can mount a Moffett on its back or not.

The distance of axles from the rear: A truck that is meant to be used for mounting forklifts should have its axles fitted away from the rear end. For example, this 2014 INTERNATIONAL 7600 we have for sale currently at our dealership has axles away from its back end, so there is plenty of space for the Moffett to fit its front tires easily when it is mounted on the truck. While modifications can fit a Moffett on a truck with axles to the back, it is still suitable for a truck to have clearance at the back.

Height of the truck: A used Moffett truck that is up for sale should have enough ground clearance to prevent the Moffett from hitting the ground when mounted on the truck. If the Moffett truck you are about to buy is too low, you might risk damaging the forklift as the truck goes over ramps or climbs a steep incline.

Electrical wiring and lights: Usually, when you buy a flatbed or a trailer, the electrical wiring at the rear of the truck, including any lights such as taillights, has to be relocated to make room for the Moffett mounting mechanism. That is where our truck and trailer customization shop comes in, where you can quickly get the rear lights and wiring of the truck customized to fit the Moffett mount.

If you are looking for a Moffett truck along with a moffett for sale, we have special pricing and discounts on combo deals if you buy a Moffett truck and a Moffett at the same time. So give us a call to know more about the special combo offer at (205) 224-9949.