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A Moffett forklift is by far the most stable, lightweight, yet durable equipment you can own for moving material on site. These truck-mounted forklifts are designed while keeping the transportability and safety of the operator in mind. However, when you look for a used or even a new moffett, you realize that many different models are available. At Trucks Forklifts, you can find moffetts that are originally designed to be used for specific types of applications. So when a business owner is out shopping for one, it is easy for them to get confused about what model to buy. Most of the customers we get at our park aren’t sure exactly what type of moffett would best suit their needs. So to help anyone looking for a used piggyback forklift, we have created this article.

Looking For A Piggyback Forklift For Sale? Here Are The Different Types Of Moffetts You Can Buy

Each industry has its material handling needs, and moffett manufacturers understand that. So instead of making a single moffett for all sectors, they make specific models that handle the usage scenario of each industry. When searching for a piggyback forklift for sale, you can choose from several different types. And by knowing about these types, you can make a better buying decision. So without further ado, here are the different kinds of moffetts you can buy:

Urban use models: If you need a moffett that can be used in an urban setting, such as for material deliveries, distribution of goods, or moving items, you need an agile model. Luckily, moffett models are specifically made for use in urban settings, and an example of such a model is the Moffett M2. This agile model has all the necessary properties to be used in an urban environment. Not to mention this moffett forklift can be bought at a great price in used form, making it ideal for companies looking for a machine to be used in dense city locations. This moffett is small, making it easier to be mounted and unmounted in tight surroundings.

Industrial use models: Industrial use requires a bigger model such as this Moffett M40 for sale. Bigger models such as the Moffett M4 have a high lift capacity and can easily handle heavy equipment. The industrial use models of piggyback forklifts come with added power which means you can lift weights higher without compromising stability.

Rough terrain models: Another type of Moffett you can buy is the rough terrain model with specialized tires. Since these models are meant to be used on uneven surfaces, they have a rugged design with solid tires and suspension to handle off-road use. Rough terrain models are used primarily for agriculture and construction applications, including the Moffett M8 and M9. Rough terrain moffetts pack plenty of power and safety features in a solid design.

While it might be possible to use any forklift model for your application, it is best to look for the right moffett for sale.