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When you invest in any equipment, similar to the many others, you will need to ensure that each component or part of the forklift you have, functions well to ensure safe operations and proper maneuvering. Most people ignore this, but forklift lights are also completely important for smooth operations. They are important to maintain workplace safety and efficiency in a warehouse.

When people come to us to invest in used Moffett for sale, we always emphasize on the importance of the lights of the forklifts. This is important in Alabama, and you need to know the differences of each forklift light as well.

They Offer Visibility and Safety

Lights are essential in forklifts because just like any other vehicle, they offer safety and visibility. Some operators believe that forklifts that are slow, at a minimum speed of 7mph do not need lights. However, if you spend more time in a warehouse, you will know this isn’t true at all. Sometimes, workers have headphones, earplugs on, because of the surrounding noises. This is when they need to rely on what they see around them. The lights of forklifts not only offer safety for the operators but the nearby pedestrians as well. The lights facing front will help the operator to see any form of obstacles on the ground ahead, or identify a load. Just know that if the visibility isn’t clear enough, operators will not be able to see what they are doing around.

The Main Types of Lights for Forklifts

Although there are various types of forklift lights, each one offers varying lifespans and strengths. Based on our experience, the common types include LEDs, sealed beams, and halogen lamps.

LED Lights for Forklifts

Among other types of lights, LEDs are the most popular ones. They are renowned for their long time and give out about 1,000 lumens of lights. They are durable and the ideal choice compared to other types of forklift lights.

Halogen Lamps

 These lights are fairly popular since they meet up with the standard car headlights types. They offer protection and project a stronger light compared to others like sealed beams. Their installation process is a breeze and they simply adjust into the connecting place. They are quite small so handling them can be fragile, and they need proper care during the installation phase.

Sealed Beam Lamps for Forklifts

This is the most common type of light used in various applications, but preferably as headlamps for forklifts. They are affordable, simple and very fragile. Compared to other options, they have a lower lifespan. They are preferable for forklifts that operate indoors in warehouses.

There are other high-quality options as well, but you need to know as the quality increases, so will the price tag of the lights. However, if you are searching for powerful lights, we would like to recommend LED lights. They are worth the investment and last through the years to come.

If you have any concerns regarding your used Moffett for sale, and the type of lights to choose, we can help you. Simply visit us at Truck Forklifts and we will get back to you with the latest updates on the best types of lights available for you.