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If you are looking for a forklift to add to your fleet or replace an old one, you should consider buying a moffett truck. A moffett is an agile and portable version of traditional bulky forklifts, and they can not only replace but surpass the conventional forklift with the heap of advantages they offer. At Truck Forklifts, you can get traditional and moffett forklifts in used conditions to beat the inflation and reduce your equipment cost. However, many businesses are confused about whether they should invest in a traditional forklift or a moffett because both might look similar to the untrained eye. So if you are in the market to buy a used forklift and aren’t sure why you should go with a Moffett instead of its traditional counterpart, then you are at the right spot. Because this article will explain how a Moffett is a far better investment than a conventional forklift, so read on.

Reasons Why You Should Look For A Moffett Truck For Sale Instead of A Traditional Forklift

There has never been a higher need for forklifts for material handling businesses as it is now. That is because a forklift can replace a large workforce, and a few moffetts can ensure that your warehouse isn’t overcrowded during the COVID-19 pandemic. With that being said, here is why you should look for a moffett truck for sale instead of a regular forklift.

Moffetts have a longer useful life: A moffett or a piggyback forklift can keep performing at its peak ability for way longer than a traditional forklift. That is because moffetts are easier to service and maintain, which extends their lifespan. Even used examples such as this Moffett M5000 can run for up to 10,000 hours in used condition. On the other hand, traditional forklifts have a useful lifespan of around 10,000 before they need to be replaced. So if you are going for a used forklift, then a moffett truck is a much better option because they are known to last a long time.

Higher stability compared to traditional forklifts: The way moffett trucks and conventional forklifts lift loads is pretty similar. However, the way they maintain stability while lifting weight is quite different. Moffetts are known for their higher stability, making them a better option. Even a used moffett truck available for sale at our dealerships comes with all the stability apparatus working in peak condition. Moffetts are more stable because they have hydraulic stabilizers when lifting instead of a counterbalance mechanism. So unlike traditional forklifts, the risk of a moffett tipping over is relatively low. The higher stability adds to the safety of both the operator and the load being lifted. If stability is something you rely on, then you should definitely go for a piggyback forklift.

Lower cost: While moving a forklift from one site to another can be costly, a moffett can be mounted on the back of a flatbed and can easily be moved to a different location. That reduces the cost of transport, not to mention you get more space on the truck for the goods since the Moffett rides in the back, taking up barely any space at all.

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