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Everybody knows the current situation, that COVID-19 is not just a problem for us in Alabama but throughout the nation and globally. The Novel Coronavirus has brought the world literally to a standstill. Luckily the logistics and goods transport services are managing. Not that they haven’t taken a hit, but compared to other industries they are surviving. The transportation of essential needs such as medicines, medical equipment, food and food items can never be halted. That means most cargo-carrying trucks will remain in use, others such as a boom truck will be useful but not as much. In such difficult times, anything that can give the trucking business an edge should be availed.

Moffett Forklift the Cherry on Top

The Moffett vehicle is a forklift intended for picking up loads. It has the same function as that of the regular forklift but the way it carries out its task is different. A regular forklift can be considered a seesaw.  The forks in front are one end, with a counterweight being at the other end. The main body that includes the seating area of the driver can be considered as the pivot. The amount of load it can lift is dependent on the counterweight and engine capacity of the forklift.

The Moffett is a next-generation forklift that is much lighter since it does away with the counterweight and uses hydraulic stabilizers to carry the load. Like the regular forklift, the Moffett forklift has specifications as to how much weight it can lift. However, the lack of a counterweight makes it lightweight and the horizontaly movable forks make it compact for easy transport. With a special kit it can even be attached to a truck. This makes it easy for it to be carried around to where the loading of cargo is required. This versatility is what makes the Moffett an invaluable tool during the current outbreak. Not every place that has cargo has a loading dock or have a forklift for that matter. These businesses usually hire forklifts to place the load on to the trucks. Now because of the crunch, they will look for cheaper alternatives. The alternative will be trucks that come with attached forklifts. They have a competitive edge and can offer better rates than just getting a forklift on rent. Also, the ability to lift cargo on to the truck at any place that truck can go in itself makes it essential.

What’s the best Moffett and Truck Combination?

Having mentioned the benefits of a Moffett truck combination. It would be good to check with which truck the Moffett can provide the most benefit. The most preferred and ideal combination is with a flatbed truck. The flatbed truck is a versatile cargo-carrying vehicle it can carry almost any type of cargo and it can be modified to carry cargo that specialized trucks carry. It is used primarily for heavy loads that might not be uniform in shape such as timber, large pipes, military equipment, rocket parts and much more.

Where to Get A Reliable Piggyback Forklift?

We at have been in the trucking selling, repair and parts business since 1972. We have our base in Tuscaloosa Alabama, but we can deliver to you any truck from our inventory to your location within the continental US. Our list of clients are from all over the nation. We offer repairs and modification of trucks as well as spare parts. We specialize in moffett kit installations. So reach out to us now at (205) 224-9949 for your moffett truck combination.