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Moffett Forklifts are significant in the material handling industry and if you want them to be beneficial for your business, it is important that you frequently get the maintenance services for the forklifts. It is not only essential but is also recommended by OSHA. If you are using the forklift on daily basis, the maintenance processes might detect the defects beforehand as detecting the issues before can lead to major accidents at the worksite. That will not only keep your forklift in a good condition but will also ensure peace of mind for both your workers and inventory. However, if we are being totally honest then we must tell you that a Moffett forklift can eat up a major part of your budget by hiring a forklift technician to visit and check your forklift on a regular basis and conducting your inspections can get expensive. However, with pre-planned maintenance, one can significantly reduce the costs. Now moving on to what is pre-planned maintenance and how is it going to be beneficial for you. 

Understanding the pre-planned maintenance process of Moffett Forklifts

As the name suggests a pre-planned maintenance process is the one that you schedule on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The owners keep a check on when did they get maintenance for their forklift the last time and when it is due. That is called pre-planned and it can be really beneficial for owners and might help them save money. If your forklift is operated in a warehouse or a construction site, this maintenance process is significantly essential. 

A planned maintenance program typically includes:

  •  A thorough and complete checkup of every part of the forklift. 

  • Checking the starting and the stopping systems to know if there is no issue with the ignition system.

  • No misalignment issues in the steering wheel of the forklift as it can lead to serious accidents. 

  • Inspection to look for damages in the body of the Moffett Forklift.

  • Maintenace of the level of fuel and other liquids in the piggyback trucks.

  • And lastly, the examination of the hydraulic system

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Helping the companies in saving their money

People think that maintenance of the forklift is only to keep it in a good condition however that is not the case. Pre-planned maintenance of the forklift can enable businesses and companies to save money. And following are the various way through which they help.

  1. Increased production time

A run downed forklift means a lot of trouble as the majority of the time is wasted on its services and maintenance. That reduces the production time but with pre-planned maintenance, one can prevent the production time from being affected. 

  1. Decreased maintenance cost

Another benefit of pre-planed maintenance of your Moffett Forklift is that it decreases the maintenance time. If the forklifts are not taken care of the maintenance cost will be high and this will not be a one-time thing but will be recurring. In regular maintenance also money is spent but that will that the overall cost is less.

  1. The life expectancy of the forklift escalates

Once you get the pre-planned maintenance for your forklift, it will ensure that its life expectancy is escalated. If the vehicles are properly taken care of, they can last you about 7-8 years and in some cases even 10 years. 

  1. The good resale value of the forklift

A maintained forklift will ensure that its resale value is also good because it is obvious that at some point in your life you are going to be reselling it. 

These are some of the factors which might help you in saving some money.

Moving onto our section of commonly asked questions associated with Moffett Forklifts.

Commonly Asked Questions

How often should you do maintenance on a forklift?

A forklift truck should be inspected for maintenance after every 500 hours of running on hydraulics. When hiring a forklift, make sure that your contractor agency takes care of maintenance protocols timely. Companies like Truck Forklift prioritize fleet performance assessments to offer a smooth workflow for you. 

What are forklifts used for?

These are heavy-duty machines that are used to carry loads across different areas. To reduce time and cost for distribution and travel, forklifts are used. There are three main types of forklifts. These include diesel-powered, petrol-powered, and electric-powered forklifts. You can hire a fleet for your construction or distribution business by searching for your nearest trusted contractors. 

Forklift Purchasing Options: Buy or Rent? 

Forklifts have a higher running cost which makes them the more expensive option to choose especially if you have a privately owned business. Multinational enterprises still require the need for fleet drivers for their distribution and storage facilities. On the other hand, hiring a forklift fleet is easier, manageable, and less costly than purchasing them completely. Not only will you spend money on it but time as well.