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Moffett truck

COVID pandemic has affected all kinds of businesses worldwide, and material handling companies are no exception. With the increase in turnaround times, travel restrictions, shortage of raw material, and other barriers due to the current crisis, businesses have seen a sharp decline in productivity. During such testing times, businesses need a proven tool to maintain productivity and recover from the losses incurred during the pandemic. At Trucks Forklifts, we strongly recommend adding a moffett truck to your inventory to overcome the loss of productivity during the pandemic. Since companies have to operate under strict regulations and SOPs, it can be challenging to put your workforce to full use during current times to maintain productivity.  Moffett trucks can be transported to different locations so you can fulfill contact-less deliveries without any issues. There are many other ways moffett trucks can help businesses in reducing the impact of COVID on their operations, and this article will explain all of them, so read on.

Why should businesses start looking up a used Moffet truck for sale to help them recover from the COVID crisis?

As we have already mentioned, businesses can reduce the need for a large workforce by using a moffett, helping them comply with coronavirus SOPS. However, that is not the only reason why you should start looking for a moffett truck for sale. And without further ado, here are some concrete reasons how a moffett truck can make sure you can reduce the impact of COVID restrictions and restore productivity:

Allows you to abide by social distancing regulations: Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses can operate while ensuring that employees are practicing social distancing. At Trucks Forklifts, we understand how much your workforce means for your business, but you can’t have too many employees operating on-site since you have to abide by social distancing rules. That is where moffetts come in. Since a single moffett requires only one operator, having a fleet of 2 to 3 moffetts you can practice social distancing while getting a lot of work done. A used example such as this 2007 Moffett M40 can replace a team of manual workers without compromising on social distancing.

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Reduced risk of contamination: When your workforce is handling, loading, and unloading products, there is always a risk of contamination. Since the coronavirus can spread through touch and survive on different surfaces, you risk infecting the goods your employees are handling. On the other hand, by looking for a moffett truck for sale and buying one, you can rest assured that the risk of contamination is as low as possible. Customers will prefer to work with a company that keeps contact with the items as low as possible, keeping the things free from infection.

Reduce cost by eliminating transport needs: If you have been using a traditional forklift before the pandemic, then it is time to switch to a moffett to eliminate transport costs. Since a moffett can be transported on the back of the delivery truck, you don’t have to use separate transport to move it. By eliminating additional transport costs, you can keep the operational cost low and recover from the setbacks of the pandemic.

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