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How Often Should A Moffett Forklift Be Serviced?

When discussing Moffett forklift servicing requirements,  preventative maintenance is the best method to avoid costly forklift problems. Surely, you wouldn't go a month without an oil change for the family car? Your lift truck is no different. In return for your attention to its needs, it will return the favor by looking out for your own.

Moffett forklift powered by internal combustion needs to be serviced every 250-300 hours. It's a good idea to change the filters and lubricate the parts on a regular basis to avoid costly repairs.

Additional parts need to be checked, adjusted, or replaced at 500, 1,000, and 2,000 hours. Some forklifts necessitate more regular maintenance than others. Forklifts powered by electricity should be serviced at least every 500 hours.

Forklifts that run on IC (Internal Combustion) or electric power should be serviced on a regular basis to avoid costly repairs. For illustration reasons only, below is a sample schedule. Moffett forklift should always be operated in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

If you want to learn more about the safe use of forklifts, read How to Operate a Moffett Forklift Safely?

Do Moffett Forklift Need Servicing?

Internal combustion forklifts, as previously said, require maintenance every 250-300 hours. Pedal hours and key hours are used to quantify time spent operating a forklift.

Moffett forklift maintenance should be performed every 60 days on average for a single-shift organization that operates its forklifts for 2,000 hours a year. In several cases, a forklift may require more frequent maintenance:

  • It can work in a dirty, dusty environment or in temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • In order to avoid downtime during peak season, you should have the 1,000 and 2,000-hour services completed earlier in the year, as they take a little longer to complete.

  • The attachment makes the forklift's cooling and hydraulic systems work harder.

How Often Do Moffett Forklifts Need Servicing?

Internal combustion forklifts require service every 250-300 hours, as previously stated. Pedal hours and key hours are used to quantify time spent operating a forklift.

The forklifts of an ordinary single-shift operation should be serviced every 60 days if they are used 2,000 hours a year. service may be required more regularly if the following conditions are met:

  • It can work in severe temperatures or in a dirty/dusty work environment.

  • Because 1,000 and 2,000-hour services take a bit longer to complete, you're best off getting them done before peak season to minimize downtime when you need your equipment the most.

  • It employs an attachment because attachments strain the forklift's hydraulics and cooling system.

Ideal Moffett Forklift Maintenance Schedule

You should always abide by manufacturer recommendations because some forklifts require frequent maintenance.


  • Freshen up the engine's fluids and filters.

  • The ignition timing should be checked and adjusted.

  • lubricate the mast and chassis parts.

  • Examine the mast and hydraulic system.

  • Examine the drive train, steering, hoses, belts, and electrical system.

  • Blower out, then check the brakes

  • Check tires for wear and damage Check attachments (if applicable)


  • The condenser, contact breakers (points), gearbox oil, differential oil, spark plugs, and antifreeze must be replaced

  • The clutch release bearing, mast support bushing, and chassis linkages should all be examined and adjusted

  • Examine the hydraulic oil pump and confirm the level of the hydraulic oil in the filter (replacing if necessary)

  • Radiator maintenance

  • Check the mast operation, inspect the carriage rollers, the lift and tilt cylinders for appropriate operation, the chains for damage and proper tension, and the chains for wear

  • Analyze pedal free play

  • Examine and correct the hand brake

  • Look over the PCV valve


Replace all of the fluids and filters, not just the hydraulic, transmission, and brake fluid.

maintain drive hubs.


  • All Of The Aforementioned Things From The 250, 500, And 1,000-Hour Services

  • Hydraulic Pressure Measurement

  • Cooling System Inspection

  • Examine The Steer Axle.

  • Examine The Brake Drums (Replace If Necessary)

  • Check For Compression

  • Clear And Inspect The Fuel System


An effective maintenance schedule is a low-cost strategy to safeguard your company from costly downtime. Every month, you make a set payment, and an expert mechanic makes sure your Moffett forklift is maintained. You can unwind when you sign up for maintenance at Truck Forklifts since you'll know:

Each maintenance visit consists of a comprehensive safety inspection. Our whole Moffett forklift staff has received factory training.

Our staff can design a maintenance schedule specifically for your business. We don't take a one-size-fits-all strategy; instead, we take the time to hear you out and comprehend your operating demands.

Truck Forklifts is pleased to assist clients from all throughout Tuscaloosa. Online or at (205) 377-6886, get in touch with one of our forklift maintenance specialists.