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Safe operation has to be among the top priorities when you operate any mechanical equipment. Forklifts are among the most useful machines across several industries, but they have been involved in accidents on business sites because of a malfunction or negligence by the operating staff. They account for more than 100 deaths every year. One of the reasons is that they are heavy and hard to stop immediately, especially when carrying a load. That is why you need to make sure that you follow the necessary steps to operate a Moffett forklift safely. This article discusses some essential safety tips for these machines. Read them carefully as they may provide you with some valuable information. 

Tips for Safe Moffett Forklift Operation

Get Certified 

Forklift safely always begins with adequate education, training, and comprehensive knowledge about operating the machine. You should only take the driving seat when you get the necessary training and certification to drive the equipment because half of the accidents happen due to poor training and inexperience of the operator. It should all begin by educating the operators on how to dress up appropriately and look after the machine. 

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Daily Inspection 

As forklifts are among the toughest industrial machines, they don’t make much noise when there’s something wrong with their parts. These smaller issues add up to be bigger problems afterwards. That is why you need to inspect your forklift every day before starting your day at work and after the shift ends. You’ll get to know if anything needs maintenance or a little look after. It ensures that you operate the equipment after the issues are dealt with, and the forklift doesn’t lose its shape in the middle of the day and cause an accident on site. So, make sure that all the fluids are at their recommended level, the brakes, seatbelt, and steering work fine, and ensure that the overhead guards and forks aren’t damaged. 

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Ensure 360-degree Visibility 

You can only move the forklift in the right direction and maneuver it correctly when all the sides are visible to you. So, it is necessary to keep all sides clear and your eyes everywhere around the machine. Make sure to use the rearview mirror from time to time so that you have a vision of what’s going on behind you. 

Move at a Safe Speed

Speed is the key to safely operating a Moffett forklift. It is critical to know what would be an appropriate speed with the type of load you carry and the amount of its load. For a forklift operator, it is critical to analyse the centre of gravity of the equipment, both with and without the freight, and decide the speed they need to move with. You’re not participating in a race against time or anyone else, so there’s no need to move at a higher speed to ensure safety. 

These are some of the tips to ensure that you operate a forklift safely at work. If you have any questions about these machines or want to buy them for your business, Truck Forklift can provide a range of options for you to choose from.