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While other forklifts are made to handle industrial workload inside warehouses or the business premises, Moffett’s are made to work efficiently on all terrain. They can carry and transport even bigger packages over shorter distances. They’re more rigid, robust, and powerful than their counterparts. You’ll find both the brand new and used Moffett forklifts in the market, but we suggest you buy refurbished ones because they work as efficiently as the new ones. We have discussed different reasons like cost-effectiveness and lower value depreciation to support and justify our suggestion in this article. So, please read the whole blog post to learn why you should prefer used machines over new ones.

Considerable Factors to Buy Used Moffett Forklifts


Price is among the top factors you consider when you go out in the market to buy anything. The most obvious and noteworthy reason to purchase used forklifts is that they’re available at a lower price than the new ones. One important benefit to note here is that the sellers mostly get all the necessary repair and maintenance work done before selling their equipment, which means that all the wear and tear is already dealt with. So, you don’t have to worry about spending much to get the machines to work because the forklifts are available in near-perfect running condition.

Some vendors like Truck Forklift have used flatbed trucks for sale available for very affordable prices, and you can also buy them as packages with truck-mounted forklifts.

Increased Buying Power

Name a business that doesn’t want to increase its buying power to grow and compete in the fast-growing market. One important reason to buy pre-owned forklifts is that they allow you to buy more machines with your money. They’re primarily available for one-third of the cost, allowing you to buy three used forklifts for the price of a new one. That means you can add more valuable equipment to the workplace, and more machines mean better productivity and more profits.

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Tested for Durability

Any machine that has to deal with a heavy industrial workload needs to be durable and reliable in all circumstances, and this fact can’t fit better with any equipment than Moffett’s. They are used on all terrains like concrete flooring, rocky and uneven surfaces. Used forklifts are already tested for these factors as the industrial workers have been using them for months or years. There is no need to try and test this equipment to check if they can manage to deal with the workload at your company. They had been handling loads of work previously and dealt with it efficiently, which is why they’re still a part of the industry.

Decreased Risk of Value Depreciation

Whenever you buy new equipment, its value depreciates as you use it for your business, and it doesn’t stay fresh for longer. One important reason to buy a used Moffett forklift is that it has the same market value after months. The price of these machines has already been depreciated as they’ve been in use for quite some time. So, you’ll get almost a similar amount of money when you sell these used forklifts after months. 

These were some of the important and considerable reasons for buying used equipment instead of new. There are countless dealers with forklifts for sale in the market, and Truck Forklift is one of the few you can rely on to strike a value-for-money deal.